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Why Sportswear Incentives Improve Band Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Feb 14, 2014
Why Sportswear Incentives Improve Band Fundraisers

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To succeed, high school band students must learn to work together as a cohesive unit. They’re asked to proudly represent their school as well as their community at various events throughout the year. And to achieve their objectives, bands must raise a great deal of money.

When considering a brochure fundraiser, we recommend that sponsors consider offering sportswear as a motivational incentive. There are several advantages that sportswear incentives offer band fundraisers over more traditional prize programs.

For example, sponsors can use the sportswear to set their fundraising goal for their sellers. To earn a specific sportswear item, students must sell a certain number of items. For example, a band director may want their students to work for an embroidered polo shirt to wear at certain events.

All students would therefore need to sell the same number of brochure items. Here are a few additional reasons why you may want to consider it as well for your group:

Sportswear Helps Them Represent their School

Since the sportswear is personalized with the school name and colors, band members are representing their organization wherever they go. Just as they wear their uniforms with pride, the same can be said when everyone’s wearing their sportswear.

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Sportswear Offers Band Members More Value

Sportswear is more appealing to high school students in general than other types of prize incentives. Whenever they wear their apparel, they’re representing their school and organization. Students will wear their band sportswear with pride.

Sportswear is Worth Higher Fundraising Goals

The sportswear that band students earn requires them to sell more items. This fits in well with the greater amount of money they must raise compared to the average group. The garments are made with high quality fabric that will last over time. As opposed to silk screen, all text is embroidered into the material. This helps make sportswear more desirable and worth selling for.

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