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8 Clever Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Your School

By Clay Boggess on Sep 27, 2017
8 Clever Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Your School

A seasonal fundraising product with major appeal

Despite the trees shedding their leaves and the sun setting a little earlier, life gains a certain energy in the fall as the kids head back to school and a crispness fills the air.

At Big Fundraising Ideas, fall happens to be one of our favorite times of year, because we get to see schools reach big fundraising goals with quality products and great rewards.

As fall rolls around, it’s a great time to decide on which fundraising brochure or product your school will select to help make more money than ever this year. One of our most popular options are the fall shopper brochures. We offer six season-focused catalogs of top-quality goods that will appeal to customers and earn your school the money it needs.

Check out all of our fall fundraiser ideas, and consider these advantages of selecting one for your school fundraising program:

  • Seasonal focus and marketing appeal
  • Practical products
  • Flexible price points

Fall Shopper Fundraisers Have Seasonal Appeal

A product that sells itself is the best kind of fundraising product, and a fall shopper is full of specially curated goods that are designed to appeal to an autumnal audience.

For fundraisers earlier in the fall, you can highlight some of the most innovative and useful kitchen gadgets (like the Chop ‘n’ Slice Pro) out there to help lessen the stress of cooking a big Thanksgiving meal.

You can also amplify your sales by highlighting items geared towards holidays on the horizon. Many of our fall shoppers offer gorgeous wrapping papers, creative gift tags, and plenty of great things—like specialty chocolates—to put under the tree. Deliver a persuasive sales pitch that encourages your customers to get their Christmas shopping done early during your fundraiser. Emphasize the time and hassle saved and all the money raised.

Fall Shopper Fundraisers Offer Practical Products

As mentioned above, many of our fall shoppers are full of useful gadgets and tools that customers will feel good about purchasing. Economically priced stoneware pots and super nifty scissors and knives will make food prep and kitchen cleanup easier than ever. Infuser bottles and lunch cubes make for easy and tasty workday meals. The backseat organizer will revolutionize the life of the parent-on-the-go.

Products like these give you the chance to position them as solutions for the everyday needs of consumers. As a fundraiser, it’s a chance for them to feel good about purchasing something that contributes to the efficiency of their everyday lives, whether it’s in the kitchen, at home, or in the car.

Fall Shoppers Offer Flexible Price Points

Finally, fall shoppers are a great choice, because with six options, you can select the one that makes the most financial sense for your school’s goals and for your community’s optimal price point.

Fall shoppers generally offer schools 40% of the proceeds for up to 2,500 items sold, and schools may earn as much as 50% if they exceed 5,000 items. That means you have the chance to earn some serious cash for your school. The scaled approach will help you set realistic goals for your fundraising performance, and allows you to set different incentives each time the school reaches a new level.

Additionally, the shoppers themselves feature products that cater to different price points. Great Gifts, for example, offers 83 items all at $8.00. Let it Snow, however, has incremental prices from $5.00 to $30.00. Learn the demographics of your neighborhood and determine the best fit. For communities with variant income brackets, for instance, a brochure with graduated prices might make the most sense.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss what product might best suit your school, get in touch!

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