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Are Wrapping Paper Fundraisers Still Popular?

By Clay Boggess on Mar 8, 2012
Are Wrapping Paper Fundraisers Still Popular?

The ultimate guide to a successful gift wrap fundraiser.

Wrapping paper fundraisers is still popular, especially with wealthier schools. The difference is that schools want to sell more than just gift wrap. Many people choose to wrap their gifts for special occasions, and most find the quality and selection to be better in a brochure than what can be purchased in a retail store.

Innisbrook and Sally Foster were considered the gift wrap companies of choice at one time, and most schools didn't think twice about staying loyal to them. However, Charleston Wrap is a company that continues to make a strong case as the premier wrapping paper supplier.

Schools are Choosing Charleston Wrapping Paper

Charleston Wrap offers several advantages, like selection, better pricing, and better quality. Because schools prefer offering more variety, Charleston Wrap recommends combining its gift wrap brochure with its Kitchen & Home assortment catalog. They found that offering two catalogs increased sales significantly. In fact, in a recent sample of schools that used Innisbrook and Sally Foster, sales increased by an average of 110% over Innisbrook and 653% over Sally Foster, respectively, once they switched to Charleston Wrap.

The Charleston Wrap Fundraising Difference

If you are going to emphasize gift wrap in your next fundraiser, there are some things that you should consider, like:

  • Wrapping paper thickness. Make sure you're selling 60-pound weighted paper.
  • Having a good selection of 2-sided wrap. Many people prefer flexibility and convenience.
  • Offering paper that is unique and eye-catching. People should be able to buy gift wrap that has ultra-embossing, metalized papers, foils, and high gloss UV.
  • Favorable pricing. Gift wrap should retail for $7-10 a roll.

As long as people have depleted their wrapping paper inventory from last year, they'll also be ready to buy again this year. So for schools considering wrapping paper fundraisers, make sure to offer a broad choice of other types of merchandise.

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