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3 Ways to Experience Effective Spring Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Jan 27, 2015
3 Ways to Experience Effective Spring Fundraisers

How to make your spring sale as successful as your fall

Those who have been around schools for any length of time already know that the majority of sales campaigns are fall fundraisers. There are numerous reasons for this. Fall is when everyone seems to be more willing to become involved in school-related activities, including raising money for upcoming events. People are fresh off summer vacation and are anticipating the many changes that this time of year will bring.

And many sponsors feel that the earlier they start their sales campaign the better. People are more inclined to buy from the first few students that ask. Organizations understand that people eventually grow tired of being approached and therefore become less willing to buy.

Yet while most fundraising takes place during the fall season, many groups don’t reach their financial goals with just one sale. Furthermore, schools tend to experience a drop in sales with subsequent campaigns. But does this have to be? The answer is actually no. Here are 3 ways groups can have effective spring fundraisers.

1. Your Spring Fundraiser Should be Different

Don’t repeat the same type of fundraiser because people won’t respond as well the second time. If you had a walkathon or carnival in the fall, consider a brochure sale for the spring and vice versa. Variety will help keep people interested.

2. Build Your Campaign around a Theme

You’re always better off building your sales campaign around an existing theme, like a holiday or celebrated event. Valentine’s Day is a good example while another popular theme typically used by schools is Easter. This way, instead of just having a spring sale, you can have a spring valentine’s sale.

3. Beef up Your Prize Program

This is perhaps most important. Make sure you put the same promotional effort into your second sale as you did your first. Effective spring fundraisers don’t just happen; they require hard work and ingenuity. Very few schools are able to get by with one sale. If you put the needed time and energy into planning and running your second campaign, you most likely won’t need a third.

Many of our customers have found a great deal of success incorporating our Big Event Super Splash Party prize program into their spring brochure sale. In fact, here’s what 2 principals had to say afterwards:

  • “Our students loved every minute of the super splash party and I believe that is why we had our most profitable fundraiser ever!”
  • “We ended up selling more this spring than last fall – excellent for us!”

Effective spring fundraisers don’t just happen. Rather you need to work to make them successful, even if it requires a little more effort than normal. But in the end, it’s definitely worth it!

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