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How to Make Your Spring Fundraiser Profitable

By Clay Boggess on Dec 4, 2015
How to Make Your Spring Fundraiser Profitable

Spring fundraising tips for schools that work

Many schools won’t meet their yearly budget with just their fall sale so they’re starting to think about what they might want to do after the first of the year. Most groups plan their big fundraiser for the fall, which is usually where they invest the most amount of time and energy.

A few actually don’t fundraise in the fall and thus wait until the spring when there are fewer sales going on.

Regardless, you can still make your spring fundraiser profitable and worthwhile. It’s just a matter of understanding some of the advantages and opportunities to conducting a sale in the spring.

Here are some ways that you can set your school up for sales success in the spring:

Setting a Limit on Fall Fundraisers

Hopefully you limited your fall fundraising to one sale. If you’ve already done a couple of sales this fall, you may want to think twice about a spring campaign because your parents may not be all that receptive. Most schools that need to have more than one sale either do one each semester, or have two fall fundraisers.

If you haven’t met your budget with multiple fall sales, and you really need to raise additional money, then you should think about doing something completely different. Some ideas may be to have a spaghetti dinner, auction or carnival.

Set a Realistic Fundraising Goal

Even though you’d like to make your spring fundraiser profitable, it probably won’t be as successful as your fall sale. However, don’t set your goals to short either. We’ve actually had schools raise more money in the spring than they did in the fall, so anything’s possible.

Make sure to try to put the same effort into planning and promoting your spring sale as well. Depending on where you are with your budget for the year, the last thing you want to have happen is to not reach your budget after your second sale.

Spring Specific Fundraising Products

Many spring brochures feature warmer-weather products like tote bags, sports bottles, picnic blankets, beach gear and flowers. These are items that people are more inclined to want to purchase anyway this time of year. Most school fundraising companies will also include popular fall items as carry over.

Some groups may be more interested in something other than a variety spring shopper and offer a single theme instead. For instance, they may want to sell just flowers, jewelry or cookie dough.

Regardless, attempt to focus your spring fundraiser around the popular holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter or Mother’s Day. This is when most people will most likely be purchase items for friends and family. You should also go with a different type of prize program in order to maintain student interest.

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