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How to Maximize Discount Card Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Jun 30, 2011
How to Maximize Discount Card Fundraisers

The ultimate guide to successfully selling discount cards

Discount cards already offer several advantages over many other fundraising programs. Among other things, groups can sell them year after year because people will want to renew their cards after they expire. Their deliveries are hassle-free since they come in a small box and don’t break. They provide added value because they can save users a significant amount of money over time.

And they help to support local business by providing free advertising and increased foot traffic. So how can groups work to maximize their discount card fundraiser?

Here are some ideas that you’ll want to utilize.

Set Your Fundraising Goal

Before you place your discount card order, you'll need to determine how many cards each student can reasonably sell. You can do this by dividing the money you need by the number of sellers. Then divide that number by $5, which is your profit per card. A good round number might be for each student to sell 5 or 10 cards. It’s probably better to error on the side of caution when placing your initial order. You can always order more if necessary. Make sure to communicate and reinforce your student sales goal throughout your fundraiser.

Set a Card Fundraiser Time Limit

Don’t just hand out your cards and simply tell your students to bring back the money when they’re done. Instead, create a sense of urgency by telling them they only have a limited amount of time to sell the cards and bring back the money. Some groups give sellers between one and two weeks while others like football teams have what are called ‘blitzes’. They only have a weekend to bring back their money.

Have a Discount Card Kickoff Meeting

Plan to have a kickoff meeting where you'll discuss your expectations and goals. Each student needs to know how many cards they need to sell and when the money will be turned in. Tell them you'll be checking on their progress. Before issuing your cards, have your students add their name and number of cards to a discount card sales tracking sheet.

Discuss How to Sell Discount Cards

Unlike a brochure fundraiser where someone simply opens up a catalog and orders an item, discount cards may require a little more effort. Most people are probably familiar with discount cards already so your sellers will need to tell people why they should buy their card. Here are some important things you'll want to discuss at your kickoff:

  1. The first thing sellers need to do when approaching a potential buyer is smile, look them in the eye and introduce themselves. Tell them their group name and why they're selling the cards.
  2. Your students should then hand the potential buyer a card and ask them which 2 or 3 businesses they feel they would frequent the most. Inform them that the card will pay for itself after the first couple of uses and after that they'll be saving money for up to a full year.
  3. Make sure your students are familiar with the business offers on the card. You'll need to convince them that what’s being offered is worthwhile so they'll sell it to their friends, family and neighbors.
  4. Discuss the selling process during your kickoff. Some groups even role play so sellers can practice before they start.
  5. It is also a good idea to have your sellers create a prospecting list of potential customers.
  6. Whether people buy or not, make sure your sellers are always professional and thank them for their time.

How to Deal with Unsold Discount Cards

Most school fundraising companies don’t take back unsold discount cards so make sure you have an effective plan in place. In reality, some sellers will sell more than goal while others may fall short. Make sure students bring back cards that they were unable to sell. Some groups offer sellers who volunteer to resell cards $1.00 out of the profit for each sold card.

Discount card sales can be an effective way for groups to raise money. By following these simple steps, selling them can be easy as well.

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