The Fundraiser Sales Tracking Sheet

How to ensure 100% money collection

Many groups elect to sell a product and collect the money on the spot. This is referred to as a direct sale and is often easier on the sellers because they don’t have to go back to the customer a second time to deliver the items like they do with a brochure sale.

Using fundraiser sales tracking sheets is useful when the product is ordered up front and then sold by the group. With a brochure sale, orders and money are collected prior to ordering the merchandise. Therefore, tracking sheets aren't necessary when taking orders from a brochure.

On the other hand, for direct sale fundraisers the tracking sheet offers 2 primary benefits:

  1. It keeps track of product that’s been distributed to students to sell.
  2. It tracks any outstanding money.

Many sponsors choose direct, or point of sale, fundraising because they find it easier for their students to make sales with a product in their hand. In other words, potential customers get to see the actual product prior to committing to a purchase.

Tracking Sheets Provide Documentation

What can make a direct sale difficult is having no way to track the product that’s been placed in the students' hands to sell. Since you don’t have a paper trail like you would with a submitted order form from a brochure sale, how will you know whose turned in money and who hasn’t?

The tracking sheet will help you document and keep track of who has product and how much money needs to be turned in by each seller.

How Tracking Sheets Work

Before distributing any product, have your students enter their name, contact information as well as how much product is being handed out on your tracking sheet. Don’t hand out additional product until the money’s been turned in for any previously distributed product. Every time you issue product to a student it should be documented.

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