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The Ultimate Guide for Online Fundraising in 2023

By Clay Boggess on Jan 31, 2023
Online Fundraising

Examine the pros and cons of virtual fundraisers

Online fundraising is a great way to raise money for your cause. It’s fast, efficient, and easy to use. But there are a few things you need to know before you get started. This guide will walk you through the basics of online fundraising and how to make the most of your campaign. So whether you’re new to online fundraising or just looking for tips and tricks, read on!

What Is The Definition Of Virtual Fundraising?

virtual fundraising event is an excellent way for nonprofits to solicit donations. By reaching out online, nonprofits can broaden the scope of their donor base to include those who would otherwise not have been able to participate in person. Through proper organization and planning, virtual fundraising events can reach an audience far beyond what an in-person event would have been limited to.

For these virtual fundraising events, the nonprofit must have the ability to register attendees, provide them with any materials they would receive at an in-person event, such as a program or t-shirt, and live stream the event to ensure that everyone has access regardless of time zone or other concerns.

Virtual fundraising platforms often have tools to help you solicit donations, track your progress, and thank your donors. Some companies also offer matching gift programs, which can double or even triple the impact of a donation.

Are Virtual Fundraising Events Successful?

In recent years, virtual fundraising events have become increasingly popular to engage people to raise money for a good cause.

From massive galas to small bake sales, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many nonprofit organizations to find new ways to host their special fundraising events virtually. Despite the challenges of transitioning from physical to virtual engagement, it has proven quite successful: a recent survey showed that 33% of donors prefer to engage mostly or entirely virtually with their favorite causes. This trend towards virtual engagement is expected to remain strong even into 2023, showing that online fundraising can still be effective for nonprofit organizations and individuals to come together for great causes. There are several advantages that virtual events have to offer.

Tools Organizations Should Have For Fundraising during COVID

Having the right fundraising tools is essential for any nonprofit organization wanting to raise funds successfully during COVID

  • A well-functioning website is the first step, as this is an entry point for new donors and allows them to learn about your organization's mission.
  • Google Analytics helps you measure how effective your website and promotional efforts are, which gives you an idea of where you should focus resources.
  • Social media presence is also invaluable, as it increases awareness about your organization and helps you engage with more people.
  • A donation page allows donors to contribute to your website easily and quickly.
  • Tools such as peer-to-peer fundraising platforms and donor management software help streamline the process and provide all the information needed to keep track of donations.

With the right mix of these tools, organizations will have everything they need to launch successful fundraising campaigns.

Benefits of Virtual or Online Fundraising Events

First, engaging donors from anywhere via virtual events or other digital platforms is a significant benefit for nonprofits – allowing them to connect with supporters near and far without violating social distancing guidelines. This newfound connectivity gives nonprofits a greater chance of success despite these difficult times.

Second, in addition to reaching a more comprehensive range of potential donors, it also provides engaging opportunities to keep existing donors excited. With the availability of online platforms, people can do more than send in donations; they can become interactive and engage with organizations they're passionate about.

Finally, online fundraising events are significantly cheaper than their in-person counterparts. They don’t require renting a physical venue, purchasing supplies, or mailing out invites and tickets.

For all these reasons, virtual fundraising events effectively engage supporters and raise important funds.

How To Start A Successful Money Bomb Fundraising Campaign?

A money bomb is a short, high-intensity fundraising campaign designed to raise a large sum of money in a short period. While money bombs can be used for any number of causes, they are often used by political candidates to jump-start their campaigns. If you're thinking about starting a money bomb fundraiser, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, friends and family are typically the most generous donors, so don't be afraid to ask them for support.

Second, virtual fundraising platforms like GoFundMe make it easy for people to donate from anywhere in the world. It is regarded as one of the best fundraising pages for members of the public to raise funds for any number of events. From joyous situations, such as the birth of a new baby or moving into a new home, to more difficult ones, such as medical emergencies and natural disasters, people are increasingly turning to this online platform to raise funds.

Through individual donation pages, people can appeal directly to their local community and beyond, with potential donors able to view campaigns and leave donations as they wish. It's an amazing outlet that gives people access to funds in emergencies and allows them to celebrate the positives in life.

Third, many companies offer programs to match gifts, so check with your employer to see if they will match donations to your campaign.

Finally, consider hosting a fundraising event to bring attention to your cause and inspire people to give. With these tips in mind, you're well on your way to running a successful money-bomb fundraiser.

What Types Of Interest Can Be Delivered In Virtual Fundraising?

One great online fundraising idea is to hold a live-streamed event. This could be a concert, comedy show, or any other type of performance. You can promote the event on social media and email lists and then sell tickets or accept donations through a donation form. Another great idea is to launch a crowdfunding campaign. This could be used to raise money for a specific project or need.

You can promote the campaign through social media and email and then accept donations through a donation form. If you want something simpler, you can set up a donation form on your website or blog. This is a great way to Accept donations from individuals or groups. You can also promote the donation form through social media and email.

Finally, consider holding a fundraising event. This could be an online auction, raffle, or anything else that you think would be fun and engaging. You can promote the event through social media and email and then accept donations through a donation form. Whatever online fundraising idea you choose, be sure to promote it widely to maximize your chances of success.

What Are Some Great Online Fundraising Ideas?

There are many great virtual fundraising ideas, and the best one for your organization will depend on your specific goals and audience. One popular option is to create an online donation page on your website. This can be a simple form where visitors can enter their name, email, and credit card information.

You can also include a brief message explaining why you are raising funds and how the money will be used.

A Few Great Virtual Fundraising Ideas Are:

Virtual auctions: These are an excellent way for nonprofits to raise funds online with heightened accessibility and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing mobile bidding tools and online auction software, nonprofits can incorporate gamification elements that make it a more engaging experience.

You can solicit donated items from businesses and individuals and then post the auction items on your website or a popular auction site such as eBay. Visitors can browse the items and place bids.

Virtual Events: In the current digital age, a wide range of events can now be held virtually. This includes auctions, galas, and other types of community gatherings. Moving your event online can save significantly on costs such as venue rental and catering expenses.

These efficiencies should give your fundraising efforts an edge; you'll get more out of each dollar invested when assets are used strategically.

Virtual Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: As nonprofits seek to stay connected with their communities during the pandemic, peer-to-peer fundraising is a great solution. It allows volunteers or family members to become ambassadors for your cause as they reach out to their networks and encourage people to support your organization.

You can amplify your message and maximize donations with an effective strategy and creative incentives such as challenge campaigns or matching gifts.

A Few Other Effective Online Fundraising Ideas:

Fundraising campaigns are one of the most effective and creative ways for nonprofit organizations to gain monetary support from supporters and rally people around a cause.

Direct Impact: Fundraising ideas can range from giving days to virtual classes, making it easy for individuals to impact the organization directly. Giving days are an opportunity to build urgency and enthusiasm around a mission, while online classes give donors a sense of community.

Match Gifts: Double the Donation's matching gift database is an invaluable resource for any nonprofit organization seeking to increase individual donor giving. With Double the Donation, it is easy to find what donors need to ensure their gifts are matched.

DIY campaigns: This peer-to-peer campaign lets supporters design their fundraising initiatives on special occasions like birthdays, graduation, anniversaries, etc.

Viewing Parties: These are an excellent way to generate interaction among supporters while streaming content related to the organization’s goals.

Wishlist Drives: It is an innovative, quick, and easy way to get the supplies and goods that your organization needs to meet its mission. By creating a wishlist of necessary items, you can give potential supporters a straightforward way to contribute to the success of your cause.

Latest Trending Fundraising Ideas With Impressive ROI:

Instagram Fundraiser

Fundraising for a worthy cause has always been challenging. Through Instagram, you can create a fundraising post in just a few easy steps. For example, you need to add a donation sticker to your post and explain why the cause is close to your heart. The fundraiser will stay active for 30 days or until the goal is met, and you'll have the option to extend it or end it, depending on the event. In addition, this is one of the most effective options as 100 percent of the donations go directly to the nonprofit with nothing lost in processing fees or commissions. To maximize contributions, be sure to use hashtags and stories as cheap marketing tools - after all, every little bit counts when it comes to giving back!

AI Fundraiser:

AI tools have entirely revolutionized the fundraising process. It is allowing frontline fundraisers to do significantly more personal outreach and inspire more first-time donors at an unprecedented scale. AI is a clear solution for advancing the reach of any organization. The technology helps prioritize which prospects are most likely to donate, freeing up resources and time dedicated to building stronger relationships with current and potential supporters. On top of helping to boost fundraising ROI, those extra relationships can help make people feel even more connected to the organization's mission, making them even more inclined to support it in the future. AI truly is a game changer for any advancement effort.

Email Fundraiser:

Fundraising emails can be a potent and rewarding tool for nonprofits and charities alike. If crafted correctly, a single email has the potential to raise four-thousand two-hundred times its initial cost. Impressive returns such as this are achieved by getting people to open the message and encouraging them to take action. However, creating effective emails is challenging and requires insight into marketing strategies, effective communication skills, and even a substantial degree of design understanding. With that said, investing in an effective fundraising email campaign can be one of the most profitable activities your organization will ever tackle.

Fundraising is a powerful tool that any organization can use to maximize its impact and engage actively with donors.

How short and how long can a nonprofit fundraiser last?

A nonprofit fundraiser can last anywhere from a few hours to several weeks. The length of the fundraiser will depend on the goals of the organization and the amount of time the resources are available. For example, a small local nonprofit might hold a bake sale or car wash that might last a few hours, while a prominent national organization might have a multi-week online auction or telethon.

Ultimately, the important thing is to design a fundraiser that is well-suited to the organization's needs and maximizes donations. By carefully planning the length and scope of the fundraiser, a nonprofit can ensure that it can meet its fundraising goals.

What are good ideas for a fundraiser for kids?

Popcornopolis is an excellent choice for a fundraiser for kids. School groups and sports teams can earn up to 50% profit on each sale, and there are no upfront costs or minimums. Plus, Popcornopolis offers a wide variety of delicious flavors, so everyone is sure to find something they'll love.

Cookie Dough Fundraiser is an easy and fun way to capitalize on the cookie craving of kids and adults alike. The process is simple: have the kids create an attractive catalog of different cookie dough options that supporters can choose from, set a date for when orders will be placed, and then wait for the dough to come in.

One of the most popular cookie dough brands in school fundraising is Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. This delicious cookie dough is perfect for bake sales, and groups can earn up to 40% profit on each sale. There are also no upfront costs or minimums, making it easy to start.

Cookie dough isn't the only food item that makes a great fundraiser for kids. Popcorn Fundraising is another popular option that can be easily sold at school or sporting events. Groups can make up to 50% profit on each bag of popcorn sold, making it a great way to raise money. Plus, there are dozens of delicious flavors to choose from, so everyone can find something they'll love.

Increase Student Participation in School Fundraising

School fundraising ideas can be made successful and engaging for the students and donors by involving the students in the process. Some ways to encourage student participation


Encourage students to think creatively and participate in fundraising ideas, such as unique product sales or hosting events. Students can form a committee and get involved in brainstorming sessions, giving them a sense of responsibility and enthusiasm to make the fundraiser a success.


Encourage students to market the campaign by sharing the fundraiser page on social media, distributing fliers, and contacting alum and local businesses to increase visibility.


Allow students to be a part of the selling process, as it will boost their confidence and positively impact the profit margin. Another option is to register a fundraising page on a peer-to-peer platform. In addition, allow students to work at the box office if your fundraiser requires selling tickets to the event.


Asking students to volunteer for a fundraising event is a wonderful idea. Involve them in working merchandise tables or concessions or greeting guests. If you plan a product fundraiser, recruit students to help organize inventory or give away goods on pickup day.

What Are Some Issues With Fundraising Online?

One of the most difficult challenges associated with fundraising online is building trust with potential donors. They need to believe that their donation will be used effectively to persuade someone to part with their hard-earned money. This can be a challenge when donors cannot see where their money is going or meet the people who will benefit from it.

Another common problem is the need to constantly update donors on how the fundraising campaign is progressing. With traditional forms of fundraising, such as door-to-door collections, there is a captive audience interested in hearing about the latest developments. However, online donors can be easily distracted, and it can be challenging to keep them engaged. As a result, it is important to have a clear plan for communicating with potential donors and updating them on your progress.

Finally, another issue that can arise when fundraising online is fraud. Although steps can be taken to reduce the risk of fraud, such as verifying payment details and using secure payment processors, it can still be a problem. As a result, it is important to be vigilant and ensure that all donations are from legitimate sources.

How Do You Start A Fundraiser Online For Free?

There are a few different ways that you can start a fundraiser online for free. The first thing that you need to do is choose the platform that you are going to use. There are many different options available, so take some time to research the additional features and benefits. Once you have chosen a platform, create an account and populate it with your campaign information.

Include a compelling title, description, image, and goal amount. Then, share your campaign with your social networks and email contacts. You can also use online tools like Google AdWords to promote your campaign to a broader audience. Finally, remember to regularly thank your donors and update them on your progress. With a little effort, you can efficiently run a successful online fundraiser without spending any money.

What Factors and Actions Lead To Successful Online Fundraising?

Several factors can lead to successful online fundraising.

  • First, it is essential to have a clear and attainable goal.
  • Second, you must create a compelling story that inspires potential donors to give.
  • Third, you must set up an easy-to-use donation page on your website.
  • Fourth, you need to promote your campaign through social media and email.
  • Finally, you must thank your donors and keep them updated on your progress.

Following these steps can increase your chances of achieving your fundraising goals.

What Are Some Online Fundraising Tips?

Carefully Plan Your Campaign:

From creating an online fundraising webpage to leveraging online channels for outreach and eventually accepting donations through a trusted online payment system, the possibilities are endless. Before setting up a campaign, ask what systems your friends or co-workers have found successful. You can then research the various fundraising programs offered by different websites to find one that fits your needs perfectly and has all options that you require from an online campaign.

Set a realistic fundraising goal.

When creating a fundraising campaign, determine the amount you plan to raise and stick to it. Establishing an end date will help you set a timeline to measure progress toward your goal and ensure that any efforts put into the campaign have been worthwhile.

Invite people to join your fundraising team.

If you're planning to raise funds and need extra help, recruiting people to form a fundraising team could be the missing piece. Start by reaching out to those connected to your campaign idea, explain all the amazing opportunities they can experience working on the project with you, and most importantly, share details about how their contributions will make a real difference in achieving your goal much faster while giving back!

Running Your Campaign:

Reach Out to Potential Supporters

Social media is a highly effective tool and can reach many people, so sending messages out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can help spread the word about your cause. Email communication is also necessary if you'd like to reach those who are less exposed or active online. Don't forget about other great ways to raise awareness - consider pushing out posters and letters, and even make some phone calls!

Motivate your team.

Establishing individual goals for your team can be a great way to get everyone motivated to hit the fundraising target. Reward their hard work by offering small fundraising incentives such as gift cards or vouchers. This will maintain morale and encourage good performance in the long run.

Ask supporters to spread the word.

Spreading the word is one of the surest and fastest ways to get your message out there. Someone who believes in your cause can often be the best ambassador for its success. As your campaign for support progresses, take time to update those who have pledged their backing. This will help them understand just how far you have come and what is required to keep that momentum.

Ending Your Campaign:

Thank your Supporters.

Expressing gratitude to every donor that supported you during your fundraising event is a must! A personalized thank you message can help build relationships, express appreciation, and allow supporters to recognize the meaning behind their contributions. It is also important to provide an update on how close you are to your goal, remind them of what their funds will be used for, show gratitude through social media channels or on your blog, and even include photos or videos of the funds being put to use. By implementing all of these online fundraising tips, you can maintain your momentum while giving potential donors a satisfying experience.

How Much Is Too Much To Pay For An Online Fundraising Platform?

When it comes to online fundraising platforms, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how much is too much to pay. The right platform for your organization will depend on several factors, including the size and structure of your organization, the types of fundraisers you typically run, and the level of support you need from the platform provider.

However, you can use a few general guidelines to determine whether a particular platform is likely a good fit for your needs. First, consider the fees associated with using the platform. Some providers charge a monthly subscription fee, while others take a percentage of each donation you receive. Be sure to compare the fees associated with different providers to get an idea of what is typical in your industry.

Next, consider the features offered by each platform. Some platforms offer simple donation forms and basic reporting tools, while others provide more sophisticated features like event management and donor segmentation. Again, compare the features offered by different providers to see which ones are most important to you. Finally, consider the level of customer support provided by each platform provider.

Some platforms offer 24/7 customer support, while others only provide limited support during business hours. Again, this is something that will vary depending on your needs. When choosing an online fundraising platform, consider all of these factors to ensure you choose one that is right for you.

What Are Some Good Tips For Non-Professional Fundraisers?

If you're not a professional fundraiser, there are still plenty of ways you can be successful in raising money for your cause. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Research your audience. Ensure you understand whom you're trying to raise money from and their giving priorities. This will help you tailor your fundraising message and approach.

2. Develop a personal connection. People who feel like they know and trust you are more likely to give to your cause. Share your story and explain why this cause is important to you.

3. Be clear and concise. People are bombarded with requests for donations, so make sure yours stands out. Keep your pitch short and to the point, and make it easy for people to donate by providing clear instructions on how they can do so.

4. Follow up after the donation is made. Thank donors for their support and let them know how their contribution is helping to make a difference. This will help build relationships and encourage future giving.


Online fundraising can be a great way to raise money for your cause, but it's essential to market research and choose the right platform for your organization. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success in online fundraising. Learn the answers to common online fundraiser questions before they're asked.

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