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5 Online Fundraiser Platform Ideas for Schools

By Clay Boggess on Nov 20, 2021
5 Online Fundraiser Platform Ideas for Schools

Keep Online Fundraising Simple with these All-in-One Solutions

What is a fundraising platform? It’s software that makes secure collection of money in exchange for products or donations possible. With a donor-centric point of view, donors can quickly, easily and securely support causes that are important to them.

Raising money requires strategies to ensure money is available throughout the school year. It can be stressful finding a solution that fits your strengths and resources. The best fundraiser platform ideas allow schools to expand their reach nationwide and provide a multitude of services. By choosing a virtual platform, you are no longer limited to the range of person-to-person contact and can enjoy the power of contactless fundraising.

Did you know that schools have far more available to them than the in-person sales options of the past? You can sell food, household items, customizable gifts, and more. There are now many fundraiser platform solutions available in the marketplace that have transformed the way groups raise money.

Our school customers love these 5 easy online fundraising platforms. Best of all, BFI offers free prize incentives to help drive sales!

1. Goodies & Gifts Online

Everyone loves a chocolate bar fundraiser. But what about something that offers more? Goodies & Gifts Online is the perfect option that offers simple, yet effective, gifts just in time for the holidays. We love this option for customers who enjoy sweets, treats, candles, kitchenware, and more.

Not only can you sell chocolate and baking mixes or ready-to-eat desserts, but you can also offer home décor, popcorn, magazines, masks, and candles. Goodies & Gifts Online is a powerhouse of an online fundraiser that can target a wide variety of audiences, making it easy to reach a range of audiences.

2. Flowers Online

Looking for an eco-friendly option? Flowers Online offers a large variety of bulbs and plants that made it the #1 earth-friendly fundraiser!

BFI offers fall and spring options, which means you can sell season-appropriate flowers year-round. There’s even a holiday flower option that features Amaryllis and Paperwhites.

3. Believe Online

The Believe Online fundraiser makes it easier than ever to promote your mission using the power of social media, email, and text messaging. This allows for a seamless fundraising experience. ‘Believe Online’ has items for all occasions, holidays, apparel, gardens, and more in the Believe Product categories.

4. Stainless Tumblers Online

If your supporters enjoy licensed and customizable options, the Stainless Tumblers Online fundraising platform is the one for you. It has options for major sports leagues (NFL, MLB, NHL, and more), collegiate teams, and even custom designs to promote your school pride and spirit.

Whether your supporters want to enjoy a good cup of joe, keep their iced drink cold, or show off their school pride, this fundraiser has options for everyone.

5. Candles Online

Everyone loves a warm, welcoming home. Candles Online makes that happen. Your audience can choose from eight categories that include candles and wax melts.

Do you love a sweet smelling home? There’s a special Moon Pie category. Your supporters can choose from banana, chocolate, coconut, mint, strawberry, or vanilla.


The best online fundraising platforms make it possible for your school to securely collect and process donations. Online fundraising ideas that work well allow schools to strategically target their audiences’ interests. By engaging their interest, you’ll create more excitement about your campaign!

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