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Candles Online offers a large assortment of fragrant candles and wax melts. Raise money without asking your students to sell in person. View product categories

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7 Online Fundraising Advantages

Students can share your unique online store link and invite friends and family to shop online. Learn more

Prize Program

Boost your sales. Add a cash or prize incentive.

Product Details

Profit: 25-40%
Average Price: $21
Delivery: Items deliver to the buyer.

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Questions about Candles Online?

How it Works

How do we raise money?

Profit is made from the purchase of every item from your store. Participants can invite family and friends to shop once they register. Invitations are sent via social media, text, and/ or email.

Your group receives a profit off every sale made from your store.

Do participants need to register?

There is no registration required for a Candles Online fundraiser. We set up your store and provide you with a unique store link. Your group can share the link and invite people they know to shop.

Once supporters arrive at your store, they’ll see a personalized welcome. For example, “Welcome to our ABC High School Band Store!"

Supporters will also see the start and end dates for the sale and the group ID number. The ID number needs to be entered by the buyer at checkout. This ensures that your group receives credit for the sale.

Sponsors will be able to track:

  • The number of sales made
  • How much money they’ve raised

You can grow your sales by setting individual seller goals based on your group’s needs.

(Use the ‘Calculate Your Profit’ calculator at the top of the page to determine your profit)

Be sure to track your fundraiser progress and remind participants to invite people to your store. When your participants reach their individual goals, your group succeeds.

Participants will also be eligible to win prizes. We encourage groups to supplement the prize program we offer with additional incentives.

Do we get our own link?

Yes. You’ll receive your own online store link.

Is money collected with each order?

There is no in person ordering or money collection. Participants generate sales when the people they invite buy items from your store.

Can participants track their own sales?

No, participants are not able to track their own sales updates.

Are there any fees?

There are no setup fees or costs to run a Candles Online fundraiser.

Can participants earn prizes?

Motivating your participants with prizes can improve sales. It’s important that you promote your incentives throughout your sale. This will keep your group motivated.

We offer 2 prize program options:

  1. Cash
  2. Traditional
You’ll receive your prize flyer via email before your kickoff. After your sale is over, we add the total cash amount to your profit check. If you choose a traditional prize plan, we ship your prizes to your group address.

Participants need to remind supporters to enter their name at checkout. This will ensure they receive credit for the sale.

There is no cost to the group for our prize programs.

Do participants get a brochure to show?

Because this is an online fundraiser there are no brochures. Before your sale, we email you the steps to get started. Be sure to forward them your sellers.

How soon can we start?

After you submit our start a fundraiser form you’ll receive an agreement to sign. It will then take at least 3-5 business days to process your order and set up your store.

Once we send you your ‘how to get started’ instruction steps, your store is live. We recommend that you have an official kickoff meeting so everyone starts at the same time.

If you can't meet in person, consider using an online communication technology. Examples include Zoom, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting and Google Hangouts.

How long is the fundraiser?

By default, we set your end date 2 weeks after your start date. You can always change your end date. Simply let us know before your sale ends.

Or let us know up front when you would like your store to close.

Do you only work with schools?

No, we work with non-school groups as well. Examples include church groups, sports leagues, and dance organizations.

Can we use more than 1 store at a time?

No. You must choose 1 store. For example, ‘Goodies & Gifts’ cannot be run at the same time as ‘Popcornopolis Online’. You can always run a second online fundraiser after the first one is over.

Do you only work with groups?

Yes. Your group must have at least 5 participants.

Making Sales

Is there a minimum order?

There are no minimum order requirements.

Can we track our sales?

Before your Candles Online sale you'll receive access to your online store dashboard. You’ll be able to see:

  • Orders received each day
  • Retail sales progress

How do we receive our money?

Your profit check is processed within 15 business days of the close of the store.

What is our profit?

Your profit percentage is based on how many items your group sells:

Items SoldProfit

(For a quick estimate, multiply the number of participants in your group by 5)

Can we accept donations?

There is no donation option for a Candles Online fundraiser.


How soon do orders ship out?

Orders generally ship within 3-4 business days after purchase.

Where do orders ship to?

Product ships from our Tennessee warehouse to all lower 48 states. All items ship direct to the buyer.

Who pays the shipping fee?

Customers pay a shipping fee at checkout to have their order shipped direct to them.

Order AmountShipping Cost
$100 and up$16

Ship to Group Option

To help cover any shipping fees for online customers, you can add a ‘ship to group’ option to your store. These orders will ship together to your location after your sale is over.

The online customer doesn't pay any shipping fee but the group pays the cost to ship any items to their address. We'll deduct this amount from your profit check.

'Ship to group' is not automatically included as part of a Candles Online sale. Thus you will need to let us know if you want this option included. You can do so by putting "Add ship to group" in the comments section before you submit your start a fundraiser form.

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