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Big Fundraising Ideas Online

By Clay Boggess on Apr 3, 2021
Big Fundraising Ideas Online

Take advantage of trends and boost your sales online

It’s incredible to think how this pandemic year has altered how we live. But, it hasn’t stopped us. Even though we’ve had to deal with social distancing, we’ve stayed connected through the internet. Schools and businesses have gone online and, in turn, redefined how and where we work and learn. And it may come as no surprise that online shopping increased by 44% in 2020.

And with this significant shift to using the internet for most of our lives, it makes sense to also take your fundraising online.

It’s time to move online fundraising to the front of the class

As a fundraising company, we’ve often written about how to improve sales by using your online store to its maximum advantage. We’ve seen that adding an ecommerce component to brochure sales can be a lucrative aspect of your fundraising efforts. And, when you look at the how online shopping had increased in 2020, you might want to consider shifting more, if not all, of your fundraising to the internet.

According to, COVID-19-related shopping generated the highest annual growth in U.S. ecommerce in at least two decades. This spending can be attributed to factors like:

  • an increased use of smartphones and mobile shopping
  • social media and social commerce
  • online marketplaces and
  • a generational shift in shopping behaviors

Create a successful ecommerce site with our support

Moving all your fundraising efforts online can feel risky—especially if your brochure sales are strong. But, before you make a decision, consider that now more than ever, people are primed to buy online. And you’ll want to take advantage of the trend for your school or group.

We understand that the idea of creating an ecommerce site can be overwhelming. Without a turnkey approach, you’ll need to build the site, add content and then promote the site to friends and family. Once sales come in, you’ll need to track everything and keep participants engaged to sell.

Whew! That’s a lot. And that’s why we make it easy to get set up and sell from day one.

For starters, there’s no programming needed on your part; it only takes three steps to get going:

  1. Sign up your group.
  2. Forward the instructions to your participants, so they can sign up for their own sales sites.
  3. Encourage your participants to invite friends and family to shop at your store by email, social media and text.

We provide all the tools your participants need to help them promote their personal sites. And, you get all the tools you need to track sales, run reports and send reminders to everyone to keep the sales momentum going.

With more and more people getting comfortable to buy online, there’s never been a better time to make money using our virtual fundraising ideas for schools.

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