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Is a Popcornopolis Fundraiser Right for My School?

By Clay Boggess on Jan 14, 2023
Popcornopolis Fundraiser

Everything you need to know about Popcornopolis fundraisers.

Is your school ready to launch its next fundraiser? Maybe you’ve heard the hype about profitable popcorn fundraisers but don’t know which company to choose. When making your selection, you have options. You can launch a Popcornopolis Fundraiser by asking your students to show a brochure, order it upfront and sell it direct, or even promote it using an online store.

This article shares everything you need to know about Popcornopolis to determine if it’s right for your school.

What Is a Popcornopolis Fundraiser?

Many schools that choose Popcornopolis are looking for brand recognition to help drive sales. Students can sell online or by showing a brochure to their friends and family in person. Popcornopolis offers six gourmet flavors: Zebra, Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, Jalapeno Cheddar, White Cheddar, and Unicorn Popcorn. Other items available include popcorn cones and the popular 5-Cone Gift Basket.

Popcorn is an excellent sell as it is a favorite snack for many—the variety of flavors ranging from savory to sweet offers something for every taste. Popcornopolis popcorn is a healthier alternative to other snack foods commonly sold in the school fundraiser space. The popcorn is popped in coconut oil, there is no high-fructose corn syrup, and it is gluten and GMO-free. This fundraising option is profitable for schools with a 40% profit margin and an average selling price of $13 per item.

Who Is Popcornopolis?

Popcornopolis has been in business for twenty years. The Popcornopolis story, as their website tells, explains how the founders spent fourteen grueling months perfecting the recipe to get the delicious popcorn we buy and sell today.

“Popcornopolis was founded by Wally and Kathy Arnold, who set out to create the world’s most delicious gourmet caramel corn. After fourteen months spent in their kitchen carefully refining the recipe, Popcornopolis was born in 2003. Today Popcornopolis continues in the footsteps of the founders, only making the most delicious popcorn you’ve ever tried.”

Popcornopolis sources its corn from farms that have been operating for over seventy-five years in the heartland of America.

Is a Popcornopolis Fundraiser Right for My School?

Popcornopolis may be right for your school if:

  • your school has a wide market to sell to, including parents, community members, and alum
  • your school has had success with other snack fundraisers
  • you are located in a health-conscious region
  • you are able to incentivize students to participate in sales
  • you want to sell both online and in-person
  • your school has an important cause that funds will support
  • you can market your raise

If you are interested in launching a popcorn fundraiser but don’t meet some criteria, don’t fret! This may be an excellent opportunity to up your fundraising capabilities. Follow the above-embedded links to learn more about successfully launching your school popcorn fundraiser.

Popcorn Fundraising With BFI

Partner with BFI to launch your Popcornopolis campaign worry-free. BFI will manage all the logistics, setting you up for success. There are no minimal sales, no storing inventory, and no handling of money with our online option. We track your sales and process your payment so you can focus on your main goal- raising money for your cause!

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