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5 Significant Online Fundraising Digital Connection Tips

By Clay Boggess on Mar 19, 2022
5 Significant Online Fundraising Digital Connection Tips

How to grow your friendships and donors through online fundraisers

Though still in the pandemic, many of us are eager to get back to face-to-face fundraising events. Many people, including school groups, have grown tired of the virtual world for meetings and checking in with colleagues.

However, the pandemic showed us that the virtual environment can be a great tool for fundraising, and that organizations can experience online fundraising success well into the future. These five tips will help your fundraisers feel more personable and encourage better friendships with your donors.

1. Be authentic online.

When you are online, it’s easy to hide who you are. During the pandemic, it has become widespread practice for people to see us from the shoulders up while secretly wearing boxer shorts for online meetings! Many of us carefully craft our image online in social media. It doesn’t help, though, if you’re considering online school fundraisers.

If you are using social media for fundraising, you must be more real. Be honest about the fundraiser’s cause. How does it affect you? Social media expert Lauren Hug advises that to truly be successful online, it is best to be authentic – even vulnerable at times. She saw great success with businesses that expressed vulnerability on social media during the pandemic if they were authentic about what was going on and told the story of their experience.

Which leads us to tip number two.

2. Use a lot of storytelling.

Storytelling is the best way to have your audience think like you. With a well-crafted story, you control the entire environment for anyone listening. Here are some tips to help you really connect with your audience by crafting a compelling fundraising story for your school or group.

3. Expand your idea of tangibility.

Tangibility is a thing that can be experienced by any of our senses. Being online may limit the range of senses, but a clever fundraiser can find ways to “touch” people with great visuals, a powerful story, and giving something that the audience can use later. Consider providing a fabulous quote that people can use in their own social media endeavors!

Effective online fundraisers are always trying to create a “tangible” experience.

4. Take advantage of the perks.

If you are dreading the idea of another online fundraising event, stop! Get out a sheet of paper and start listing all the wonderful things that online fundraising offers: no start-up costs, no need to have space for inventory, no paperwork, and instantaneous updates.

5. Mix it up.

Online fundraising can happen across numerous platforms – social media, website, regular emails and newsletters, text-to-give platforms – use all of them! Almost everyone has a favorite way to relate online. Brainstorm all possible online options for your organization so everyone sees your online fundraising campaign. Here are 5 proven online fundraising platforms used by many schools.


Unique ideas for online fundraisers are plentiful and are a fantastic way to grow your friendships. Simply put, rather than be a salesperson online, be a friend to others. Show real concern, help donors meet their needs, and ask them to meet yours. We’re all in this together!

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