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4 Ways to Boost an Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser

By Clay Boggess on May 28, 2022
Otis Spunkmeyer Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Your guide to selling more cookie dough

Are you considering an Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough fundraiser? Learn how to get the most out of your efforts. Below are 4 ways to get the most out of your cookie dough fundraiser, including sharing health information and recipes, preparing your students to sell, and expanding your reach. Here's to a delicious sale!

1. Advertise the Nutrition Facts

Health and clean eating are two of the top priorities for many people today. Luckily, Otis considers this when choosing its ingredients. None of the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies contains partially hydrogenated oils (PHOS), artificial colors, artificial flavors, or high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Additionally, the caloric intake is reasonable at just 140 calories per chocolate chip cookie and merely 120 calories per sugar cookie.

Share this information with your potential buyers to help boost your raise! This bit of information may take a hesitant customer from maybe to yes.

2. Share recipe ideas

Simply making Otis Spunkmeyer cookies will deliver you a delicious treat. But there are many possibilities beyond just baking the cookies as is. There are many fun recipe ideas to spruce out these cookies and make them even more exciting and yummy. Find some online, or have your students experiment and create some of their own recipes.

Your potential customers will be eager to get their Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough and get baking with some fun recipe ideas in mind. We’ve all seen a delicious recipe idea and couldn’t wait to get to the kitchen and recreate it, and your customers will feel the same way! Post recipe ideas to your website and fundraising page. Additionally, consider printing out copies to distribute during the sales process.

3. Prepare your students to sell

An excellent way to boost your fundraiser is by preparing your students to market and sell the product. Provide your students with sales best practices. Provide them with information about the product and answers to questions they may encounter. Have students practice their sales pitch by roleplaying with partners. Two faculty members can serve as an example before having the students try.

Consider purchasing your Otis Spunkmeyer cookies from the first 2 students willing to come up and roleplay in front of your group.

This preparation helps boost your raise and provides students with excellent training and real-life experience. Negotiating, pitching, and presenting are life skills that come in handy no matter the profession your students enter.

4. Expand Your Reach

Utilize all mechanisms for selling Otis Spunkmeyer cookies! Students can sell door-to-door and visit local businesses (We only encourage this if selling under the supervision of an adult or older students can also sell in groups). Ask students to share with their family members and to distribute catalogs at their parents' places of work. Post your fundraiser online to reach further potential buyers. Advertise on your website, social media accounts, club pages, and any specific fundraising platforms you may have. Ask students, faculty, and other community members to share the fundraiser as well.

People are asking where to buy Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. As it turns out, many find out about Otis through school fundraisers. In fact, it’s the top selling cookie dough brand in the fundraising industry. Therefore, the more people who see your fundraiser, the more potential sales, and the higher your end profit! By the way, to almost no one's surprise, one of the top selling flavors are the Otis Spunkmeyer chocolate chip cookies.

The above ideas are just a few ways you can boost your Otis Spunkmeyer fundraiser. There are tons of ways you can improve your cookie dough fundraiser results. Explore your options, then sell, sell, sell!

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