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Popcorn Fundraising and Why It's a Great Idea for Your School

By Clay Boggess on Jun 4, 2022
Popcorn Fundraising

Your school’s guide to a success popcorn fundraiser

Popcorn is a favorite treat for many. It can be zapped in the microwave for a quick snack or roasted over an open fire with family and friends. Some prefer it simple - butter and salt. While others prefer it gourmet - salty chocolate caramel or even loaded baked potato flavor. No matter our preference, popcorn is the familiar treat we all love. And it can also help us raise funding for our schools. Learn why your school should consider popcorn fundraising for its next raise.

What Is Popcorn Fundraising?

Your students sell delicious treats to their family and friends (and we know they’re going to want at least a few bags for themselves, too). In turn, your school banks needed capital for each sale made. Enlist, sell, and make up to 55% profit. It’s that easy.

Why Popcorn Fundraisers for Schools Work

Schools tend to have great success with snackable fundraisers, especially when it comes to selling popcorn. Why is this method so successful? The answer goes beyond popcorn being everyone’s favorite pastime treat. Continue reading below to find the secret to this campaign’s success.

Something for Everyone

A whopping 92% of Americans responded that they enjoy eating popcorn according to a Fox News survey. The best popcorn fundraiser ideas offer something for everyone. Whether the potential buyer has a sweet tooth, an addiction to spice, or loves savory treats, there is a gourmet popcorn with their name on it. The health crazed and self-indulgent alike can find an offering that meets their needs.

Healthy Snack

Popcorn is a relatively healthy snack. It’s something parents can feel good about giving to their kids. Popcorn is high in many vitamins, minerals, and polyphenol antioxidants. It’s whole-grain, naturally low-calorie, rich in antioxidants, and gluten-free. Be sure to share your popcorn fundraiser nutrition facts with your potential buyer!

Shelf Life

Popcorn has a long shelf-life, meaning your customers can feel good about buying large quantities. Unopened cooked popcorn can last one to two months after purchase. Unpopped popcorn can last up to a year on the shelf.

Student Involvement

Student benefits from fundraising include getting involved in their community and learning valuable life skills. Depending on their age and how much responsibility you allow them, students may learn about initiating friendly conversations with their community members, making transactions, selling techniques, managing cash and inventory, etc. Students feel pride knowing their efforts supported their organization’s efforts.

Tips for Popcorn Fundraisers

Below are some tips to help make your popcorn fundraiser a success!

  • Set a goal. You are more likely to succeed if you have something to strive for. Your goal can be in terms of dollars raised or bags sold. Share this goal with your students, and celebrate when you achieve it.
  • Sell virtually and in person. Double your reach by also setting up a virtual store. Or, you can eliminate selling face to face altogether by doing an online popcorn fundraiser. This offers a way to gain sales from individuals you otherwise may have missed. If a potential customer turns down a sale, be sure to inform them that they can purchase online if they change their mind before the end of the campaign.
  • Offer customers options. You may get an initial no when asking the potential customer: “Do you want to buy some popcorn?” Try to pique their interest by sharing the various flavor options. Who knows, maybe when they hear you say chocolate peanut butter, caramel & cheddar or honey chipotle, they won’t be able to resist!
  • Remember to tell them why you’re selling. People are bombarded with salespeople at their doors, on their phones, in their emails, and on their social media accounts. It can be a knee-jerk reaction to say no before even learning about the cause. Be sure to share the name of your school and why you are raising the money. Your community will be more likely to participate in your campaign when they know how the organization will allocate their funds.
  • Set up an event in conjunction with your fundraiser. A popular event choice to pair with popcorn fundraising is a movie night. Host a movie at the school, have an outdoor screening at the park, or team up with your local theater. This allows you to boost your sales and even potentially raise additional funds if you choose to charge admission to your event. Additionally, this is another opportunity for student involvement and skill development. Older students can volunteer to plan, advertise, manage, decorate, and work the event.

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Clay Boggess has been designing fundraising programs for schools and various nonprofit organizations throughout the US since 1999. He’s helped administrators, teachers, and outside support entities such as PTAs and PTOs raise millions of dollars. Clay is an owner and partner at Big Fundraising Ideas.

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