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Snackable School Fundraising Ideas

By Clay Boggess on Aug 4, 2018
Snackable School Fundraising Ideas

Grab a handful of these tasty, money-raising snacks.

Need a quick, easy, and convenient school fundraising idea? Consider a popular snack to sell during lunch, at school events, and even at the bus stop. Snack item fundraisers are robust and straightforward because they meet the daily hunger needs of students looking for a pick-me-up after the third-period blues set in.

Check out this curated selection of some of our favorite snack-style fundraisers, including gourmet snack features in our top-selling brochures and more nostalgic options.

Popcorn Fundraiser Snacks

From the buttery smell to the classic crunch, popcorn means happiness for school-aged children everywhere. Movie theaters and concession stands know that popcorn is a powerful sensory experience, and once students smell the popcorn and see their friends enjoying a bag, they’ll want in.

Our gourmet popcorn offerings include everything from classic buttered popcorn to caramel-and-cheddar “Chicago Style” popcorn. Students can fetch a 6.5-ounce bag for just $10 and munch on it all day. It’s also a great snack to sell at school sporting events, popular in the cooler fall months. With all sorts of flavors ranging from spicy to chocolaty, a popcorn fundraiser is a great way to appeal to various palates and preferences.

Sell ten or more cases, and realize profits of $80 per case!

Beef Jerky Snack Fundraisers

Beef jerky has gotten some positive press in recent years as more focus has been placed on ensuring the food we offer children is healthier and more balanced. Quality beef jerky can be a great alternative to sugary, carb-filled snacks offering quick energy after a crash. Many schools have banned candy selling in the school hallways, so alternatives are increasingly important.

A beef jerky fundraiser is a somewhat quirkier option that puts protein-filled goodness in front of students. It meets federal nutrition guidelines without compromising on flavor. Beef jerky sticks are incredibly convenient for students on the go, and since these snacks come individually packaged, selling anywhere is super simple.

Enjoy an MSG-free snack for just $2. To reach your goals, focus on sales volume by picking the right places to sell these yummy snacks.

Pretzel Rod Snack Fundraisers

As snack fundraisers go, pretzel rod fundraisers strike a perfect balance between decadent and satisfying. Crunchy, salty pretzels can be a filling snack, but the topping options make them a delightful treat at any time of day. Kids especially love the chocolate-dipped pretzels topped with colorful sprinkles.

Our pretzel rods also come topped with candy and nut options, so everyone can find a flavor they enjoy. As another individually packaged option, these are an exceptionally convenient cash-for-item product fundraiser.

Students will be eager to buy these snackable options at just $1 per pretzel rod. Portable cases of 60 pretzel rods allow students to bring their fundraiser wherever they go!

Brochure Snack Options

While students often sell snacks through product fundraisers, our fundraising brochures include many delectable snacks. Brochure sales allow for more flexibility in sales and ordering without hauling products around.

Cookie dough. Our cookie dough fundraisers are crowd-pleasing favorites that offer families warm, fresh cookies on demand with freezable dough in various flavors.

Pies. Okay. Pie might not be a snack, but everyone deserves a little slice of heaven. Our frozen pies and cheesecakes make for an after-dinner delight that will wow your friends and family. Check out a pie fundraising brochure!

Dips, soups, and more. Fall shopper brochures, such as Kitchen and Home, offer unparalleled variety to your community of customers. Jars of gourmet dips and high-quality soup mixes make hearty snack options for a classy dinner party.

Snack Bars. Our all-new snack fundraiser products are perfect for a quick energy boost. This program offers six healthy and delicious flavors for $2 or $3 each.

As you’re preparing to launch a successful fall fundraiser for your school, consider the power of snacks in generating interest and appealing to customers.

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Clay Boggess has been designing fundraising programs for schools and various nonprofit organizations throughout the US since 1999. He’s helped administrators, teachers, and outside support entities such as PTAs and PTOs raise millions of dollars. Clay is an owner and partner at Big Fundraising Ideas.

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