Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Pretzel Rods Fundraiser

Earn more with our pretzel rods fundraiser

Sweet and salty pretzel rods are dipped in milk chocolate and topped with M&M's®, Reese’s Pieces®, or Heath Toffee®.

Make up to 50% profit. Sell Big Brands or Van Wyk pretzel rods. All products are individually wrapped to maintain freshness.

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How Do Pretzel Rod Fundraisers Work?

Can you imagine anything sweeter? A salty pretzel rod, dipped in rich milk chocolate, then topped with an assortment of candies. It's the perfect combination.

First, determine how many chocolate pretzel rods you need to order. Each pretzel rod page has a handy ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool to make it easy. Simply enter your group size and the number of pretzel rods that each student needs to sell.

Once you know how much you need, submit our online purchase order form. You can start within 2-7 days, depending on your location from our warehouse.

We’ll email you your invoice and you’ll have 15 days from your delivery date to pay your invoice. This will give you plenty of time to collect the money from your pretzel rods fundraiser.

Why Our Pretzel Rods Fundraiser?

  • Top Sellers. Our chocolate pretzel rods offer the best selling flavors in school fundraising.
  • Unique Products. Big Brands Pretzel Rods are topped with real M&M's®, Reese’s Pieces®, Heath Toffee®. Or try out ‘$1 Peanut Free Pretzel Rods’.
  • Free shipping. Every order ships without a shipping fee.
  • Higher Profits. Make up to 50% profit.
  • Low Minimums. Low 1 case minimum order.
  • No Startup Cost. Start a pretzel rods fundraiser for free.

Questions About Pretzel Rods Fundraisers

  1. How many pretzel rods are in each container?

    There are 240 pretzel rods in a case. Cases are further divided up into 4 inner carriers of 60.

  2. How do you store chocolate covered pretzels?

    As long as the pretzel rods are at room temperature they should be fine. The shelf life is 9 months from the date of production if stored properly.

  3. Are pretzel rods manufactured in a peanut-free facility?

    Our ‘Peanut Free Pretzel Rods’ are and are certified peanut free.

  4. Do pretzel rods meet Smart Snacks requirements?

    The first ingredient is ‘pretzel rod’, and not a fruit, vegetable, or whole grain. So pretzel rods do not meet the requirements for in-school sales. But they can be sold on campus after school. Learn more

  5. Are your pretzel rods individually wrapped?

    Yes, every pretzel rod comes in its own packaging.

  6. How long are your pretzel rods?

    Chocolate pretzel rods are 8 to 8.5 inches long.

  7. How much do pretzel rods cost?

    Our pretzel rods sell for $1.

Pretzel Rods Fundraising Suggestions & Tips

  • Introduce your pretzel rods fundraiser by having a formal meeting with your students.
  • Keep up with your inventory by using a tracking sheet. Have students write down their contact information and number of pretzel rods issued.
  • Make sure students only approach people they know.
  • Set an end date and regularly remind sellers when money is due.
  • Have your students set a daily sales goal.


Pretzel Rods Fundraising Ideas

The origin of the pretzel is uncertain. But it’s believed to have originated during the Middle Ages from European Monks. The traditional shape was formed to resemble folded arms. There are also accounts of it originating from Germans in peril. Or even thousands of years beforehand from the Greeks.

Nowadays, the pretzel industry generates more than $800 million each year in the US alone. Think about it - they’re everywhere. On airplanes, at malls; some private schools in Europe even give them out as a first day of school tradition.

Why a Sweet and Salty Pretzel Rods Fundraiser?

Needless to say, pretzel fundraisers are a great choice. They’re both recognizable and versatile. They're a fan-favorite because of their convenience. We dip ours in chocolate and peanuts, Heath Toffee®, or M&M's®.

If your school wants to get to know these products, we can send you pretzel rod samples to try first. This is a great way to get your board and volunteers engaged in the process. Taste-testing can create the enthusiasm needed to launch a successful pretzel rods fundraiser.

What Can We Make Selling Pretzel Rods?

At $1 per item, keeping track of cash and inventory is a cinch. Students are much more likely to carry around singles for school snacks. Parents won’t feel anxious about sending them to school with a couple of bucks. Consider your audience when selecting our pretzel rod products.

Big Brand pretzel rods are topped with real M&M's®, Reese’s Pieces® and Heath Toffee®. Peanut Free pretzel rods will profit you $84 with a 1 case order. These pretzel rods are perfect on-the-go fundraisers. The crowd you’re selling to may be between classes. or getting on the bus after school. They’re also a great product to sell at concession stands.

What Else Should I Know About Pretzel Rods?

Each pretzel comes individually wrapped and has a shelf-life of 9 months. That doesn’t mean the chocolate won’t melt in the sun though. So we recommend a setting where the craving for a chocolate covered pretzel is immediate. If one kid is visibly enjoying a chocolate covered pretzel rod, more are sure to follow.