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Offer Jack Link’s 100% pure beef sticks, jerky and steaks. Our beef jerky is high in protein, low in sugar, and contain no MSG or preservatives.

The more healthy alternative to candy fundraising. Original beef jerky meets strict dietary guidelines making it the perfect in school fundraiser.

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Beef Jerky Fundraising for Schools

When you think “school fundraiser” your mind might go straight to cookies or chocolate bars, but there are other snacks that are worth considering as a more niche and exciting alternative. Beef jerky is one that almost everyone recognizes, and many wouldn’t immediately expect for a school fundraising program. It is, however, one of the most popular snack items in the USA, which means a beef jerky fundraiser will have wide appeal.

Beef Jerky History and Trends

The word “jerky” originates from the Native American word “Ch’arki” which means dried meat, and originally was a method of preserving meat for longer amounts of time. The word eventually blended with Spanish influence until arriving at “Charqui” which when pronounced with the Native American’s accent sounded like modern day jerky. It became popular among settlers, and eventually cowboys, when spices were added for flavor. Because of its long shelf life jerky stuck around, racking in about $2.8 billion nationwide with an estimated 600 million of that amounting to beef jerky specifically. With a food this popular, we know that a beef jerky fundraiser will be a smashing success.

Why Choose a Beef Jerky Fundraiser?

Beef jerky is an excellent school fundraising product for several reasons: its appeal, its benefits, and its convenience. As a staple snack that comes in an array of sizes and flavors, kids are sure to want more than just one. Parents love it as an alternative to other processed handheld snacks because beef jerky is high in protein, low in sugar, and contains no MSG. The limited amount of ingredients ensure that you have a much better idea of what your kids are consuming. On top of it all, beef jerky is virtually no mess, making it perfect for a lunchbox addition or an after school snack.

Our “Original Beef Jerky” meets federal nutrition requirements, so it can be sold on school grounds during school hours. We recommend beef jerky fundraisers at lunchtime, or directly after school during extracurricular activities and bus rides. Another good option for beef jerky fundraising sales is during sporting practices, like soccer or kickball, because the salt content helps retain water during physical activity and the protein will promote healthy muscle growth. Beef jerky is small and fast snack that can be kept on the sidelines for bites between plays.

Beef Jerky Fundraiser Options

The original beef jerky fundraiser is a good starter; each bag contains several suggested servings, and one case (of 48 bags) will profit you $58.

The most well-known beef jerky comes in sticks. One case contains about 400 beef jerky sticks, and at a suggested selling price of $1 each, you’ll make $160 per case!

If you’re not already convinced that a beef jerky fundraiser is the perfect snack alternative and school fundraising product to sweets, there’s even a turkey & cheddar cheese option. One case of 192 units will profit you $154.

Or, go a step further and offer our beef steak products. Choose between 2 great flavors, original beef steak and teriyaki beef steak. Jack Link’s Steaks are ranked #1 of all steaks in the beef jerky fundraising arena. Nobody makes Steaks like Jack Link’s, which is why we’re in most major convenience stores.

If you’re unsure of how many cases of jerky to order for your school fundraiser, we have a guide that will help calculate an approximate amount for your group. Keep in mind that shipping is free, so ordering more if you need it is hassle-free.