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2 Advantages Frozen Food Fundraisers Offer

By Clay Boggess on May 6, 2014
2 Advantages Frozen Food Fundraisers Offer

Why a frozen food sale may be right for your group

Our fast-paced way of life seems to demand the conveniences that frozen food offers. According to, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that food technology was finally automated successfully. This changed the way food was consumed and how farmers worked the fields. Frozen food as we now know it was here to stay.

However, it took until the beginning of the 21st century for school fundraising companies to perfect the prepacking process of frozen food into individual seller boxes. This is what helped spark the upward popularity trend of frozen food fundraisers. Before we had the ability to economically sort and prepack frozen food, it was just too impractical for groups to handle it themselves. They just didn’t have enough time to sort and distribute frozen product before thawing.

Selling frozen food has unique advantages as well as some challenges, but with proper planning it can prove to be an effective money maker for many groups. Here are 2 advantages:

1. Frozen Food is Highly Consumable

There’s a reason you can only have so many sports mug sales in a given area. Wrapping paper occasionally becomes overstocked in people’s closets. Discount cards can only be sold once a year to wait for current cards to expire. However, food is always in demand because we’re constantly consuming it.

2. Fewer Groups Offering Frozen Food Fundraisers

The delivery challenges that frozen food presents is enough to keep some groups away. But this is a good thing for other groups who learn how to properly manage their deliveries because they can offer a product that’s in demand.

As we continue to refine our processes, frozen food will continue to grow in popularity as more schools select them as a way to raise money.

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