Custom Mug Fundraisers

Custom Mug Fundraisers

Personalize your school fundraiser

With our customized mug fundraisers you can earn up to 50% profit as you promote school pride and spirit. Everyone will want one.

Sell direct or feature the tumblers in your school store. Made with high quality brushed stainless steel and double-wall constructed for enhanced durability.

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How Does a Custom Mug Fundraiser Work?

When raising money, nothing shows school pride and spirit more than selling a personalized product. Your group can shows off your school’s name, its colors and mascot. Selling a custom mug gives your fundraiser the opportunity to stand out in your community. Just be sure to reserve your custom travel mugs sale before anyone else gets the same idea.

If you want to sell a customized mug or tumbler, first select a product. You don’t have to pay anything up front, but we will need you to send us a purchase order. But before you do, use our ‘Calculate Your Profit’ tool to determine the number of cases you’ll need to order. You can also find out your profit. Just enter the number of students and how many personalized travel mugs you want them to sell.

When we receive your signed purchase order, we’ll email you a link to an online form so you can design your mug. You’ll be able to choose your name and colors, as well as upload your mascot. 2 of our tumblers even allow you to pick the tumbler color. After designing your mug, we’ll send you an artwork proof.

Once you give us the go-ahead, we’ll print and ship your tumblers. We’ll also email you your invoice. You’ll have 15 days from the date that you receive your tumblers to pay your bill. This will give you time to collect the money. Your profit is the difference between the total amount collected and your invoice.

What Makes Our Custom Mug Fundraisers Better?

  • Higher Quality – We use high-grade stainless steel with vacuum sealed double-walls. Our mugs are also thermally insulated.
  • Larger Selection – Create your perfect mug by choosing from 6 unique products that give you an infinite number of design options and color choices.
  • Free Shipping – There is no charge to ship your order.
  • Buy Online – Your students will also be able to sell additional product through our online store.
  • High Profits – Make up to 50% profit.
  • No Startup Cost – Start a custom mug fundraiser today for free.

Questions About Custom Mug Fundraisers

  1. Are custom fundraising mugs dishwasher safe? We recommend placing tumblers on the top rack when using a dishwasher.
  2. Are custom stainless steel travel mug products safe? Stainless steel is frequently used, very resilient, and is the most viable and healthy choice. Learn more
  3. Are custom mugs BPA free? Our mug and tumbler products use 18/8 food-grade stainless steel and are completely safe for human use. They are non-toxic and BPA free. Our plastic Tritan tumbler is also BPA free.
  4. Are custom mugs thermally insulated? Yes, our mug and tumbler products are double-walled and are designed to keep liquid both cold and warm for an extended period of time.
  5. How do you design a custom mug? Once you order your mug, we’ll send you a design form to complete. You’ll be able to upload your artwork directly on the form.

Custom Mug Fundraising Ideas & Tips

  • Make sure your mug or tumbler represents the entire school and not just your group. This way, you’ll be able to sell to a much larger audience. For example, more people would be interested in buying a product that says, “Jones High School Eagles” rather than “Jones High School Band”.
  • Since you’re distributing product to students to sell, be sure to keep track of your inventory by using a fundraiser tracking sheet. Students would need to record their name, contact information as well as the number of mugs they’ve been issued.
  • Reinforce a deadline date for turning in money.
  • Remind your students to only approach people that they already know.
  • Students should be told to inform people what group they represent and why they’re raising money.
  • We recommend reserving your custom mug fundraiser with the front office to ensure that no other group will be able to sell the same product.

Accordion Content

Tumbler Mug Fundraisers for Schools

Mugs are everywhere - the office, the classroom, and even the baseball field on chilly fall nights. The mug fundraiser is a practical and effective way to raise more money for your school.

The 30 oz Alpine Tumbler has a variety of uses and the volume to sustain quite a bit of liquid. With a unique diamond-shaped design, your tumbler will definitely stand out. If you’re fundraising for a sports team, try bringing a large cooler full of Gatorade or another sports drink for them to sip on while you discuss pricing, design and other customization options.

That way, potential customers can be thinking about how handy their own mug would be while making purchasing decisions. Alpine Tumbler comes 20 to a case, so depending on the amount of people you’re selling to these tumblers can profit you anywhere from $240 to $300 a case.

Stainless steel tumblers are double wall constructed and vacuum sealed which means that they'll keep drinks hot or cold for an extended period of time.

Our mugs are a good option for parents or teachers who want their coffee to go and need it to fit easily in their car’s cup holder. Similarly to the other tumblers, we suggest providing coffee or a cold beverage while selling these to help people better imagine what they might use them for.

If you want a tumbler that is microwave and dishwasher safe, take a closer look at Tritan. One case of the Tritan Tumblers come 36 to a case; however, you must order at least two cases. Tritan is also FDA approved and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Diamond Vortex and Tritan are both 22-ounce tumblers.

These tumbler fundraising products are perfect for teammates going to a championship or a conference, and even for the coaches! Raising money to send the team to another city is a breeze when you sell the tumblers to classmates, school faculty and family members to really show team spirit. The plastic tumblers are also microwave safe if you need to heat up your drink, and they’re dishwasher safe as well.

Additional Custom Mug Design Information

Both Kendel and Alpine Tumblers come in 4 different color options with up to 3 print colors. Travel tumbler and handle mugs only offer one print color. However, if you choose the Diamond Vortex or Tritan tumbler product, you also get up to three print color choices. You will receive a digital proof of your design, typically within three business days, before the final production of your mugs.