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Custom Tumbler Ideas for School Group Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Aug 14, 2021
Custom Tumbler Ideas for School Group Fundraisers

Ways to make your drinkware fundraiser stand out from the crowd

Nothing tells the story of school pride and spirit more than a custom tumbler. Show off your school group’s logo, color, and mascot to the entire community with a tumbler fundraiser. We offer a higher quality product, free shipping, high profits, and a no startup cost option. Earn up to 50% profit with our popular Kendal, Alpine, or Tritan branded tumblers!

Wondering why school groups and their supporters alike love BFI’s tumblers? To maximize impact, our tumblers include a two-sided or a wraparound design. Our food-grade stainless steel tumbler is insulated, durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free.

In addition, we offer an optional incentive program to motivate sellers with prizes like cash, sportswear, parties, magic shows, toys, technology gadgets, and more. And if you want to give people more options, add a variety drinkware shopper. Get started today using these 5 creative custom tumbler ideas:

1. Partner with a local business

Enhance sales by partnering with a small business to sponsor the tumbler fundraiser. Businesses benefit from the partnership by showing their support for education, gaining exposure with a co-branded design, and increasing their social media following during the fundraiser’s online promotion.

Meanwhile, your school group gains access to a larger customer base and can access bulk order discounts. Consider working with a car dealership or bank that can give away tumblers as a customer thank you gift, or a locally owned grocery store that can sell the tumblers amongst their featured products. Check out this Colorado high school band’s approach to corporate sponsorships for more fundraising ideas.

2. Custom tumbler ideas as a seasonal gift

Winter and summer are the best times of the year to sell our insulated tumbler products – keep your holiday hot chocolate hot and your 4th of July drinks cold. Market the tumbler cups alongside other seasonal activities and events, such as a holiday parade, end of season tournament, performance, or awards night.

3. Hold an art competition

Looking for tumbler design ideas? Get the whole school involved by hosting an art competition. The submission with the most votes will be printed on the tumbler. This is a great way to spread the word before sales even begin. Keep in mind that designs can use up to three colors and will be printed on either a 3x3 area or full wrap depending on the product selected.

The most visually appealing designs will use legible fonts, creative shapes, and empty space for a clean look. Click here for more logo design tips and tricks.

4. Use school rivalry for good

Does your group thrive on competition? If so, reach out to a team at your rival school to establish a fundraising competition. The school that raises the most money from the tumbler sales will win a special big event prize, like a party with inflatable games, a super splash party, or even a reptile adventure.

Pool your fundraising incentives for a bigger, better party. This fun, energetic approach will have everyone excited to sell custom cups to their friends, neighbors, and family members.

5. Reach a larger audience

Maximize the size of your audience by branding the tumblers with your school logo rather than your team’s messaging. For instance, more customers will buy personalized tumblers with the Washington High School’s eagle mascot rather than the Washington High School Volleyball Team’s logo. Then, you can market the tumblers to all students, parents, community supporters, and local businesses regardless of participation in the specific program.

With bulk order discounts, selling more tumblers increases the profit margin. Be sure to contact your school’s front office to reserve the custom tumbler fundraiser and ensure that no other student group sells the same product.

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