Alpine Tumbler

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Offer a larger 30 oz. customized Alpine tumbler and make more profit. Lower minimum order requirements. Tumblers come with your school name, mascot and coloring.

Available in 3 different tumbler colors: Black, white, or silver.

Tumblers are high-grade stainless steel, designed with a metallic matte finish, and are thermal insulated. Design your tumbler

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Product Details

Packaging: 20 items per case
Size: Dimensions
Volume: 30 oz.
Selling Price: $30
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Delivery: Ships within 12 business days after artwork approved. Free shipping

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How to order Alpine tumblers

Based on the size of your group, you can determine how much you should order as well as calculate your profit. You will qualify for pricing discounts based on the size of your order.

We suggest asking each student to sell 5-10 Alpine tumblers. To calculate how many cases you’re going to need, first multiple the number of sellers in your group by the number of Alpine tumblers that you’re asking them to sell. Then divide that total by 20, which is the number of Alpine tumblers in a case.

For instance, a group of 50 sellers may be asked to sell 10 Alpine tumblers:

50 sellers x 10 Alpine tumblers / seller = 500 Alpine tumblers
500 Alpine tumblers ÷ 20 = 25 cases

If our sample group sells 25 cases, they'll make $7,500 after keeping 50% profit:

25 cases x 20 tumblers / case = 500 tumblers
500 tumblers x $30 / tumbler = $15,000 gross sales
$15,000 x 50% profit = $7,500 profit

The profit chart below can help you estimate how much profit you can make, based on the size of your group and how many Alpine tumblers you want each student to sell:

Alpine Tumbler Profit Chart

Sellers5 Tumblers/Seller10 Tumblers/Seller15 Tumblers/Seller20 Tumblers/Seller
10$600 $1,200$1,800$2,700

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