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3 Reasons High School Groups do Tumbler Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Mar 4, 2014
3 Reasons High School Groups do Tumbler Fundraisers

How to boost your high school sales profit

High school fundraising groups have 2 disadvantages right out of the gate when it comes to fundraisers. One, they’re most likely having to compete with several other groups on campus who are also trying to raise money. And two, other feeder schools are also out selling. This definitely makes for a crowded marketplace.

Unless they want to try and compete in an already jam-packed sales arena, high school students need to look for fundraising ideas that will distinguish themselves from their competition. This will take doing some homework by finding out what's not currently being offered and what might appeal more to potential buyers.

Selling personalized tumblers offer several advantages over other types of products. This makes them worth considering for high school groups.

One benefit is that these items are usually not sold by elementary and middle school groups so the competition becomes much more manageable.

Plus, high school spirit and loyalty tend to be much stronger so more people both on and off campus will be interested.

Here are 3 reasons why high school groups experience a lot of success doing tumbler fundraisers:

1. Tumbler Fundraisers Promote the Group

Unlike most other products, sports tumblers can be customized with the group’s name and colors. This provides the group with a nice promotional opportunity as they’re raising money. For example, high school sports groups can place specific information on their tumblers which may include their:

  1. Player Roster
  2. Season Schedule
  3. Contact Information

2. Sports Tumbler are Practical & Popular

People use tumblers every day at home, driving in their car or at work. They’re also relatively inexpensive. This makes them easy to sell to a wide range of prospects, including other students, faculty and throughout the community.

Tumblers can also instill loyalty and conviction. Much like a t-shirt, what’s described on a tumbler can help express what a person believes in or wants to express to others.

3. Tumblers are Perfect for High School Events

Sports tumblers can be sold at any high school event or activity. Students can take orders using a brochure and order form, or sponsors can place a bulk order and sell them on the spot.

High school groups can offer a product that’s popular and easy to sell, yet not often offered through a fundraiser. We recommend making sure that tumblers haven’t been sold recently in your area first. Also make sure to protect your program so other groups won’t offer them. Many high schools require groups to sign up for a specific selling period. Some go even further and require their groups to describe what they’ll be selling to prevent possible duplication.

There are a couple of other things to consider. Most custom fundraising products require minimum orders, so be sure you have enough sellers. Second, if possible, consider offering a tumbler that represents the entire school, not just the group itself. This will increase the size of your buying audience.

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