High School Fundraisers

3 high school students giving a “thumbs up”

Take your high school fundraiser higher

So how do you distinguish yourself in the crowded high school fundraising space? You can try to be the first group out there selling. But that may be out of your control. The solution?

It’s time to make your high school fundraiser better. Find fundraising success by adding a motivational high school prize program to one of our top-selling products today.

Suggested Products

Suggested Prize Programs

High School Fundraising

High school fundraisers are all about school spirit, and capitalizing on this enthusiasm is where you’ll find the most profit in your fundraiser. Many high school students love simple product fundraisers, but students at this age will be able to handle a brochure fundraiser with ease. No matter what program you choose, you’ll be able to create an easy and profitable fundraiser that generates big wins for your school or student organization.

Creative High School Fundraiser Ideas

One of the best times to promote a high school fundraiser is during a kickoff party for a student organization, especially one where you’re setting big goals for the year. Many students will look forward to the chance to contribute to their group’s cause. Consider forming fundraising committees with a mix of student and parent volunteers. This can enhance your level of engagement, and help get genuine student investment in the fundraiser. These students can be vital ambassadors for your organization’s fundraiser.

Valentine’s Day is another perfect opportunity for a high school fundraiser, like Popcornopolis. High schoolers have the option of choosing from 6 different flavors and come pre-wrapped in bouquet-style arrangements. A fun way to sell these would be to include Valentine’s Day cards with each purchase making it quick and easy to be gifted to their special someone. This is an elevated take on Valentine Candy-Grams that will show your affection towards that high school sweetheart! Plan to start this fundraiser in early January in time for a pre-Valentine’s Day delivery.

More High School Fundraiser Programs

Another awesome high school fundraising option is the Zap a Snack Pizza brochure, which features 5 different flavors of French bread style pizzas. Every high school student has heated up a French bread pizza after school. It’s the perfect item to sell to parents, teachers and students in the school drop-off and pick-up lines, as well as at bus stops, when students are thinking about that afternoon snack.

For those who prefer a classic high school fundraiser, the Gift Collection brochure is a great option. With home wares and kitchen gadgets, this fundraiser is ideal to whip out at a family gathering, dinner party, or even the office break room for busy executives without time to shop. Mom’s probably been talking about organizing her closet for ages; show her the hanging organizers for her shoes and accessories! This brochure also offers magazine subscriptions. Does anyone you know work at a doctor’s office or somewhere with a long wait? Try selling these subscriptions that regularly need updated reading material for customers who have to sit in a waiting room. Maybe even bring your brochure along to your next teeth cleaning!

High School Fundraiser Prizes

High schoolers never outgrow enticing prizes, and our prize programs are sure to grab the attention of these young adults. You can challenge high school students with a Wear Your Spirit prize program. With Wear Your Spirit, you’ll create an atmosphere charged with fundraising energy and school pride and allow students to show off their success.

High school students will also love prizes in the form of cash. With our cash prize programs, the more they sell, the more cash they’re awarded (and the school makes a great profit, too!). Your students can win up to $225 if they reach the highest level of the Master Blaster prize program!

When it comes to high school fundraisers, the bottom line is that, with a little direction, students at this age can figure out how to reach their end goal by breaking the sale down into smaller more achievable daily goals along the way.