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How a Tumbler Tag Brochure Boosts Fundraiser Sales

By Clay Boggess on Jul 28, 2015
How a Tumbler Tag Brochure Boosts Fundraiser Sales

How to boost brochure sales by adding a custom tumbler

So what do we mean by a ‘tag brochure’? For those who are not familiar with the term, a brochure tag is simply adding a second brochure to your primary catalog. Normally a tag brochure is smaller and focuses on a specific theme like cookie dough, flowers or tumblers. In this case, you’re augmenting your main brochure.

However, many schools add a second, and even a third large variety brochure just to make sure that they ‘cover their bases’. The idea is to attempt to reach more buyers in order to appeal to as many tastes as possible. If you through enough against the wall, some of its bound to stick. We discourage this approach because it can be overwhelming to a potential buyer when a student presents them with too many product choices.

Simplicity is the best approach when it comes to selling, as people usually don’t have the time to sift through all of the options. In fact, approaching potential buyers with multiple catalogs can even result in a “no thank you”. In addition, you also increase the risk of offering multiple similar items or even product duplication which can be confusing to buyers.

On the other hand, you might want to consider adding a small niche brochure to a large variety shopper as an attention getter. Here’s how a tumbler tag brochure can be beneficial to your campaign.

Distinguish Your Fundraiser

Some groups complain that many variety shoppers offer the same products. The reason is many school fundraising companies buy from the same suppliers. This becomes more difficult for schools as they seek to differentiate themselves with their customer base.

Offering a tumbler tag with your main brochure allows you to separate yourself from other schools. The key is to make sure that no one else in your community is going to be selling tumblers. And to get maximum effect, we recommend selling your area’s high school tumbler as this generally reaches a large audience. A great way to sell your tumblers is to have your students show their brochure to people at your Friday night football games.

Presale Promotional Opportunities

Many schools will preorder tumblers to sell or have on display at their back to school night in advance of your sale. This is an excellent way to advertise your upcoming fundraiser. Plus you’re creating demand as many people who don’t buy the first round of tumblers can place their order through your fundraiser.

Enhance School Spirit

When you’re selling a school tumbler, you’re offering a product that has your organization’s colors and mascot on it. This gives people the opportunity to express their support for their school wherever they go.

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