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3 Things to Expect with Frozen Food Fundraising

By Clay Boggess on Mar 25, 2014
3 Things to Expect with Frozen Food Fundraising

What you need to know before booking a frozen food sale

Frozen food fundraising has become one of the most popular ways for schools to raise money. Food is usually easy to sell because everyone can identify with it. Today’s fast-paced society demands speed and convenience and frozen food definitely delivers.

The demand for prepackaged food is extremely high. According to an article in the New York Times, Americans eat 31 percent more packaged food than fresh. And because food is consumable, it can be sold throughout the year. Here are 3 things you should understand before booking your next frozen food fundraiser:

1. A Brochure with a lot of Food Choices

A frozen food brochure should contain a large selection of both main course items and desserts, and even offer multiple choices of the same type of food. For example, customers should be able to choose between 3 types of cheese cakes or pizzas. The more options you give people the more potential sales you’ll make.

There should be plenty of items that can be consumed in the morning as well, like breakfast pizzas and burritos. Many brochures focus more on cookie dough and pizza, but by also offering a variety of cheese cakes, cobblers and cinnamon rolls, you’ll bring in more customers. Make sure to stay with the more mainstream choices though. Unusual items may resonate with a few people, but as a whole, they don’t sell all that well.

2. Some Lower Priced Fundraising Items

In general, frozen food tends to be more expensive than items in other types of brochures so make sure your brochure offers a wide range of price options. Some people prefer to stay at or below the $10 price point. If you only offer higher priced items you may discourage some buyers.

3. Helpful Frozen Food Delivery Instructions

Unless you receive the right tools and timely information, your frozen food fundraiser can go south in a hurry. Here are just some of the things a company should provide that will help keep your fundraiser on track:

  • Orders prepacked by seller
  • Delivery notification emails
  • Parent delivery notice letters

Many feel that the hardest part about frozen food fundraising is dealing with the delivery, so make sure you use a company that will be responsive and resourceful.

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