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Otis Spunkmeyer & More

Otis Spunkmeyer & More

Otis Spunkmeyer & More offers 12 delicious Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough flavors, decadent Cinnabon Sticky Bread, 5 top selling cheesecakes, 5 mouthwatering pizzas, and much more! An online store is included with this brochure.

Nutrition facts available upon request.

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What Our Customers Say


Overall Clay was very nice and helpful. We had a snafu but what fundraiser doesn't.

Martha Golemon - Parent Organizer
Mineral Wells High School

My group was pleased with the product selection. They were excited to see a well put together selection of items to chose from.

Donna Cooper - Sponsor
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority

The product overall is great. Mainly the pies are what we sold and they are really good. A little pricey but overall no complaints.

Martha Golemon - Parent Organizer
Mineral Wells High School

The delivery went well. All orders were delivered as promised. The driver was prompt and pleasant. This was our first time partnering with Big Fundraising Ideas and it was a learning experience. I personally want to thank you and Clay for being patient and understanding as we navigated through our fundraiser. I'm sure the next time would be smooth sailing.

Donna Cooper - Sponsor
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
Questions about Epic Desserts?

How it Works

How do we raise money?

Your group raises money when your participants take brochure orders.

Do participants get a brochure to show?

Yes. Every participant receives a catalog, order taker, and money collection envelope.

Is money collected up front?

Yes. Buyers can pay by check, cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Are there any fees?

There are no setup fees or supply costs to start a Otis Spunkmeyer & More brochure sale.

Can participants earn prizes?

Yes. Our incentive programs are optional but encouraged. Motivating your sellers with prizes can increase sales. It’s important to discuss your prize plan at your kickoff meeting. Then, continue to promote your prizes throughout your sale. This will keep your group inspired.

There is no cost to the group for our incentives.

Learn about our prize programs

How soon can we start?

After you submit our start a fundraiser form you’ll receive an agreement to sign. It will then take at least 7-10 business days to process your order and pack and ship out your supplies.

Learn about our timeline

How long is the fundraiser?

By default, we’ll set your end date 2 weeks after your kickoff date. You can always change your end date. Simply let us know before your sale ends.

Online Store

Can we also raise money online?

Yes, selling online is an important part of your Otis Spunkmeyer & More fundraiser. Prior to your start date you’ll receive instructions so your participants can register. Once registered they’ll be able to invite friends and family to shop at your store.

Selling online adds a 2nd way for your group to raise money.

Your online store will include additional items not found in the brochure.

Do participants need to register?

Registration is the best way to promote your sale online. Once registered, participants can invite friends and family to your online store using text, social media, and/ or email. They’ll also be able to log into their sales portal anytime and track their online sales.

Clicking on the link that sellers share brings potential buyers to your store. At the top, they'll see a ‘Reason to Support’ button that appears above the name of your group. Your purpose is displayed once the supporter clicks the button. This helps to personalize your fundraiser. For example, “With your help, we'll reach our $2,000 goal for new band equipment.”

If using one of our prize plans to encourage more sales, we recommend supplementing it with your own rewards. Here are some incentive ideas.

Do we get our own link?

You will not receive a unique link for your group. Rather, once participants register, they’ll receive their own shopping link. They’ll be able to email, or text their link direct from their dashboard, and share on social media.

If you don’t want your sellers to register, you can always register yourself first and then ask your group to promote your link. Sellers will not be able to earn prizes if you use this method.

Can we accept donations?

Yes, people can donate in $20 increments. Your group receives 70% profit off all donations.

Or if you don't want a donation option on your store you can have this feature turned off. Simply let us know before your fundraiser start date.

Can buyers credit more than 1 participant?

Multiple participants can be added under the same account when registering. So when they make a purchase, the prize credit is automatically split up.

Buyers who click on a link that was shared with them through text, email or social media and the sellers are all registered under the same dashboard, the prize credit is also automatically split up.

Buyers who go directly to the store, select shop now, and manually enter the information will need to click on the “+” symbol to add multiple participants prior to entering the online store.

Donations count as 1 prize credit for each $20 donation.

Making Sales

Is there a minimum order?

There are no order requirements for a Otis Spunkmeyer & More fundraiser.

How much money can we make?

You’ll need to know your group size as well your participant goal. Here’s how you can estimate your profit:

Calculation Steps

  1. Participant Count x Participant Item Goal = Items Sold
  2. Items Sold x Average Retail Price = Gross Sales
  3. Gross Sales x Profit % = Group Profit


  1. Let’s say you have 60 participants and you set your participant item goal at 10. The items sold would be 60 participants x 10 Items / participants = 600.
  2. Next, determine your gross sales. The average retail price is about $21 so your gross sales would be 600 Items x $21 = $12,600.
  3. Since your profit is 40%, your group profit would be $12,600 x 40% = $5,040.

Keep in mind, our example is only an estimated profit. In reality, participants probably won’t sell the same number of items. In addition, the average retail dollars sold per seller will vary.

Can we track our sales?

You may not know how many Otis Spunkmeyer & More brochure orders you get until you collect your order forms. Yet there are strategies that can give you a ballpark idea. Learn how to. Learn how to track your fundraising progress

But you'll be able to track online sales in real-time. By logging into your dashboard you'll see:

  • Participant share activity
  • Registered participants
  • Sales updates
  • Items sold

How do we receive our money?

Brochure Sales: Money and order forms are turned in at the end of the sale. The money gets deposited in the group’s account and the order forms are sent in for processing.

Once orders are processed, the group receives their sales reports and invoice. The group sends a check for the invoice amount and keeps the rest as profit.

Online Sales: A credit will appear on your brochure invoice for your online sales profit.

Donations: Any profits from donations are factored into your online sales credit.

What is our profit?

Groups make 40% off of all Otis Spunkmeyer & More brochure and online sales.

You receive 70% of online donations.

(Use the ‘Calculate Your Profit’ calculator at the top of the page to learn how much money your group can make)

What about sales tax?

Customers do not pay sales tax.


How soon do we receive our order?

We deliver brochure orders to your group 3-4 weeks after receiving your order forms. Online orders generally ship to customers within 2 business days after purchase.

Where do orders ship to?

Product ships out of our Colorado warehouse to all lower 48 states.

How is our order packed?

Orders deliver prepacked by seller.

Is there a shipping fee?

Brochure Sales: Shipping is free for 350+ item orders. Groups are charged $1.00 for each item short of the 350-item minimum. Consider the following 2 examples.

If your group sells:

  1. 300 items, you’re 50 items short so you will be charged 50 x $1.00 = $50
  2. 100 items, you’re 250 items short so you will be charged 250 x $1.00 = $250

Minimums include combined sales made from the brochure and online store

Online Sales: Customers pay a shipping fee at checkout to have non-perishable items shipped direct to them. Free shipping on all orders over $75.

Order Amount Shipping Cost
$0-$9.99 $7.99
$10-$20 $8.99
$20.01-$30 $9.99
$30.01-$40 $10.99
$40.01-$50 $11.99
$50.01-$60 $12.99
$60.01-$74.99 $13.99
$75 and up Free

Buyers also have the option to ship their order to the group. In this case there is no shipping fee but buyers pay a 5% processing fee to have their order shipped to your group.

Do you ship orders to sellers?

No, we don’t ship Otis Spunkmeyer & More orders to sellers.

How are product issued handled?

To deal with any missing or damaged items sellers will be instructed to contact customer service.