How to Track Your Fundraising Progress

Tracking sales keeps students focused

If you know where you want to end up, it’s important to know if you’re actually tracking properly so you can reach your destination.

Hoping your students are out selling is not a good approach. You would probably do just as well by simply rolling the dice and wishing for the best.

Instead, wouldn’t it be nice to know how your fundraiser was progressing before the order forms were turned in?

Since success is determined by your group's ability to reach their sales goal, you should track your fundraising progress along the way. You can in essence do more than simply remind your students to sell.

Tracking student progress allows you to do 3 things. One, it gives you a barometer, two, it creates accountability, and three; it breaks the sale down into smaller goals. Here’s how it works:

Announce Your Tracking Plan

At your kickoff, announce that you will check each student's progress 3 times during your sale:

  1. The day after the kickoff (day 1)
  2. At the half way point (day 7)
  3. On the last day (day 14)

Remind them the day before each check in day to bring their order form and money envelope.

Check Student Progress

  1. On your 3 check-in days, ask your students to present their order forms and money collection envelopes. This is to see if they are keeping up with their selling.
  2. Your check-in days provide a great opportunity to incorporate an additional incentive like the money game. This will motivate your sellers to reach and even exceed their check-in day goals.

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Update Your Fundraiser Progress Tracker

We provide a fundraiser progress tracker prior to your kickoff that will help you track your sale. You can record each student's sales at each check-in day and thus see how well your sale is progressing.

Seller NameItems Sold
(Day 1)
Items Sold
(Day 7)
Items Sold
(Day 14)
Total Items Sold% of Seller GoalEstimated Profit
Adams, Mary34512
Baker, Joe2631192$44.00
Carter, John72413108$52.00
Edwards, Jane513975$36.00

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