Additional Fundraising Incentive Ideas

How to improve your sale

Why use an additional fundraising incentive? Prize programs are effective; however adding a supplemental motivator can bring in even more sales.

Additional incentives for your sellers helps ensure that your group reaches and exceeds its sales goal.

Fundraising requires creativity as well as your time. Having money to invest in your sale may help, but it's not essential. There are even ways to grow sales without spending any money. Regardless, make sure to get the most out of your investment. You can do this by consistently promoting your additional incentive.

Here are some ideas to consider based on the age of your group:

Preschool Fundraising

  • Top selling parent receives _____________. (i.e. Free tuition for a month)
  • Grand Prize Drawing (Sell 5 items to get your name in 1 time. Sell 10 items to get your name in twice...)

Elementary School Fundraisers

If we reach our goal, the principal will _________. Here are some suggestions:

  • Agree to be slimed
  • Be taped to the wall
  • Spend a day on the roof (weather permitting)
  • Come to school in their pajamas
  • Dye their hair
  • Kiss a toad or pig
  • Dress up as a ____________ (perhaps as the school mascot)
  • Or _________?

Special Prizes:

Middle School Fundraisers

High School Fundraisers

  • If everyone reaches their goal then the group gets to _____________.
  • Whoever sells a certain number of items by _____ doesn't have to _____________.
  • Anyone who doesn’t sell ____ items by _____ will have to _____________.
  • Money Incentive Game

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