Video Game Truck Fundraiser Incentive

The perfect alternative to the limo ride

We’ll bring a video game truck to your school free of charge for 2 hours if your gross sales reach or exceed $20,000. Total sales excludes tax if applicable.

Groups with gross sales below $7,500 will be required to pay for the game truck themselves. Before booking this incentive we must confirm that a game truck is available in your area. We recommend allowing students who reach a higher sales goal to participate in the video game truck fundraiser incentive. For example, every student who sells 20 items gets 2 hours off during school to play video games.

Gross Sales Requirements

Groups with gross sales under $15,000 will be charged:

  • $95 for sales between $15,000 - $19,999
  • $145 for sales between $10,000 - $14,999
  • $195 for sales between $7,500 - $9,999
  • School covers entire cost if sales are below $7,500

*Amount is added to invoice. Fundraising invoice must be paid in full prior to event date.

Game Truck Information

  1. Student Capacity:
    • Approximately 16 students rotate through every 20 minutes.
    • Up to 100 students can play during the 2 hours timeframe.
  2. Time limit is 2 hours
  3. Pricing (For schools with less than $7,500 in total sales):
    • Prices will vary depending on location.
    • There are many companies to choose from. The largest is Game Truck.
  4. We Require Video Screening:
    • G, PG or Team (M13 possible for middle schools)
  5. All Game Trucks Are Insured
  6. Background Checks are Performed

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