Mystery Person Fundraiser Incentive Game

How mystery people make selling fun

The mystery person fundraiser incentive game is a great way to motivate your students to talk to people about your sale. It’s just like a game of ‘hide and seek’ because the first student to find and ask the mystery person to buy wins a prize. And the more people they talk to, the greater chance they have of finding the mystery person.

The game is designed to help break the ice and get everyone out selling by turning it into an exciting competition. Students may make several sales before someone encounters the mystery person which is what you want to have happen anyway. The best thing about this game is that it makes fundraising fun for your students which will bring in more sales. Setting up and running the mystery person game is easy. Here's what you need to do to incorporate it into your sale:

Assign Your Mystery Person

  • Ask 1 or 2 adults on campus to be the ‘mystery person’. This person receives instructions from you that they're not to say anything until the 1st seller who approaches them talks to them about making a purchase. You'll want to provide them with a voucher of some kind that they can then give to the student.
  • Make sure to ask the ‘mystery person’ to actually make a purchase from them.

The Sales Pitch

  • Students who happen to approach the mystery person must ask them to make a purchase. They cannot simply ask, "Are you the mystery person?" This is a good opportunity to teach the NOW selling method to your students at your kickoff.
    • N = NAME
    • W = WHY?

“Hi, my name is_________, I’m with _____________and we are raising money for___________________. We are asking people to purchase one or more items from our brochure.” Then simply hand the person the brochure, order form and a pen, take a step back and smile.

Reward Qualifications

  • The student must turn in the voucher as proof that they made a sale to this person.
  • You can give away cash, a prize or a special privilege.

Helpful Tips

  • Ensure that everyone knows when someone has successfully sold to the mystery person.
  • No reward should be issued until the winner has turned in all of their money for their orders.
  • Make sure to inform everyone from the beginning that if no one finds the mystery person then no one gets the reward.
  • Have more than 1 mystery person. This may lead to multiple winners and more sales.

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