The N.O.W. Selling Method

Simplify your students sales pitch

The N.O.W. selling method is a simple yet effective way for your students to approach people and ask them to make a purchase from their brochure. Since your students are representing your organization, it’s important that they put forth a professional image. People tend to buy from students who are polite, articulate and can get to the point as quickly as possible.

Some of the most successful sponsors will set aside some time during their kickoff to actually role play in order to get their students comfortable with the process. Pair your students up and have them practice in pairs.

At the end, ask a volunteer to be the seller and you be the buyer. Then, send a powerful message to your group by actually make a purchase from them. This will help set a positive tone for your fundraiser.

What does 'N.O.W.' Stand For?

You want a mnemonic that’s relevant yet easy to remember.

  • The N stands for Name. When approaching people the first thing students should do is introduce themselves by sharing their name.
  • The O stands for Organization. Potential customers will want to know something about the organization. Is it a cause they might be interested in?
  • The W stands for Why. What is the reason your students are out selling?

A Sample Presentation

An example of the N.O.W. selling method in action may look something like this:

“Hi, my name is John and I am a player for the Smith High School baseball team. Our team is raising money for a new batting cage and we’re asking people to support us by purchasing one or more items out of our brochure?”

Additional Selling Tips

  • Always greet potential customers with a smile.
  • Look people in the eyes when speaking to them.
  • Instead of asking them to buy, simply hand them the brochure.
  • Be polite, even if your prospect says no. Thank them for their time and move on.

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