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Prize Drawing Fundraiser Incentive Game

Prize Drawing Fundraiser Incentive Game
Prize Drawing Fundraiser Incentive Game

Improve your outcome during your sale.

Any sponsor's primary goal should be to devise ways to make as much money as possible.

The prize drawing fundraiser incentive game is designed to add a spark to the main prize program. Its purpose is to impact sales results by motivating and rewarding students during the sale. This is when you can impact your students selling efforts most.

If you think about it, the best time to incentivize someone is when they can still make an additional impact on the bottom line. And the time to do that is while the sale is still in process, not just at the end.

Your main prize program only rewards students after the sale is over. The prize drawing game, on the other hand, helps break the sale down into smaller, more manageable goals.

And because drawings happen more than once during the sale, students can continue to sell while being rewarded for it. This encourages more to want to sell and ultimately brings in more money for your campaign.

How it Works

Your students can turn in one prize coupon from their prize drawing coupon sheet for every five items sold from their brochure. Rewarding sellers during the sale encourages them to keep selling throughout.

Ideas for Special Privileges

And you don't have to spend money on prizes. Here are some ideas you can incorporate as special privileges to give away to prize-drawing winners:

  • 'Line Leader' for the Day
  • 'Classroom Leader' for the Day
  • 'Office Monitor' for the Day
  • 'Door Monitor' for the Day
  • 'Breakfast or Lunch with the Principal' (or a favorite teacher)
  • 'Free Dress Day' Pass
  • 'Extra Recess Time' Pass
  • 'No Homework for a Day' Pass
  • Help with Daily Announcements
  • 'Sit Where You Want' Pass
  • Free Library Pass
  • 1 Free Snack (Of the school's choice)
  • Ask local stores and restaurants to donate coupons (i.e., free pizza coupons)
  • Low-cost prizes (find out of local toy stores will donate prizes in exchange for some free publicity)

Feel free to incorporate your ideas as well.

Additional Tips

  • Decide ahead of time how many drawings you intend to have, then announce and promote them consistently.
  • Consider having more frequent drawings with more basic prizes or fewer with better prizes.
  • It's recommended that you draw out as many names as possible so more students will feel they have a chance to win.
  • Make sure to announce where your students can turn in their prize coupons at your kickoff.
  • Get creative and design a prize coupon box that's easy for your students to identify.
  • Conduct your drawings live during morning announcements so everyone will know about them.
  • You can either issue prizes as you go or wait until after all money has been turned in.

Who Pays for the Incentives?

The organization is responsible for paying for its incentives.

Promote your incentives during your sale to ensure a good response and return on your investment. Consider rewarding your winners publicly to motivate others to try to win.

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