Fundraiser Prize Drawing Coupons

How to reward sellers during your sale

A great way to remind and motivate students to bring in more sales is to incorporate additional incentives into your sale. For groups that are using the Prize Drawing Incentive Game, sponsors can use fundraiser prize drawing coupons.

In exchange for turning in coupons, students have a chance to win prizes and special privileges. Students need to sell 5 items for every coupon they turn in and the more they sell the greater chance they have to win.

For larger school wide groups we can also place a coupon sheet inside each student’s fundraising packet.

How it Works

Each prize coupon needs to be filled out with the student’s first and last name along with their teacher’s name. There is also a space at the bottom of each coupon for a parent to sign and date it before it’s turned into the school. The teacher’s name helps identify a student in the event that two students with the same first and last name get their name drawn out. Each coupon sheet has 12 coupons.

Additional Tips

  • Remind students that if they sell 10 or more items, they can turn in 2 coupons, and so forth.
  • For large school wide groups, we’ll place prize drawing coupon sheets inside each student’s fundraising packet.
  • We recommend not accepting coupons without a parent signature on it. The signature is a way of affirming that their child sold the required number of items to be entered in the drawing.
  • Keep a few extra copies of the coupon sheet handy to give to students who want to turn in more than 12 coupons.
  • The coupons can also be used for a grand prize drawing at the end of the sale.
  • The Prize Drawing game is a great way to track the progress of your sale based on the number of coupons that are being turned in.
  • Your incentives don't have to cost you anything. Special privileges are exciting for many students, and they're free.

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