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A Great School Fundraising Idea

By Clay Boggess on Nov 18, 2010
A Great School Fundraising Idea

A fun and interactive way to involve the principal

Any good elementary school sponsor is constantly looking for ways to make their sale more successful. If doing a brochure fundraiser, they understand that the basic prize program is simply not enough by itself.

Therefore, finding the right additional incentives that will motivate their students to push the sale harder and sell even more items is essential.

We strongly recommend getting the principal involved by doing something fun if your fundraising goal is met. They may get a pie in the face, have to kiss a pig or agree to dress in their pajamas for a day. Many students would work harder to bring in more sales just to see this happen.

Another Great Idea that Increases Sales

Another great school fundraising idea that many groups have been taking advantage of is duct taping the principal. The way it works is, students receive a certain amount of duct tape for selling. They may get 1 foot for every 5 items sold. Once the sale is over, the school has a school-wide assembly. The principal stands on a chair against the wall and students who qualify get to come up and apply their duct tape on both him and the wall simultaneously. Once all of the students who have qualified have finished, the chair is removed and the principal is ‘left hanging’. The principal must stay up against the wall for a specified period of time.

Additional Things to Consider

  • Make sure the principal wears a long sleeve shirt, pants and shoes.
  • Have a rule that no duct tape is allowed above the neck.
  • Consider the size and weight of the principal before removing the chair by making sure enough duct tape has been applied.
  • This also works well with someone like the assistant principal or coach.
  • Have the duct tape cut into foot long pieces prior to the assembly. Most school fundraising companies provide a sales report to help you determine how much tape to give each student
  • Duct tape is inexpensive so make sure you've purchased enough rolls. You can always return unopened packages.
  • Make sure that you build this event up at your kickoff and announce it regularly during your sale.
  • Consider placing a condition on this event. In order for the duct taping assembly to happen, the fundraiser has to exceed ‘x’ total dollars.

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