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Money Fundraiser Incentive Game

Money Fundraiser Incentive Game
Money Fundraiser Incentive Game

How the money game helps participation

The money fundraiser incentive game is a sales motivator that's designed to further increase seller participation. By breaking your sale down into smaller steps, you're encouraging sellers to reach smaller, periodic goals and then reward them while the sale is still in process.

The game is designed to keep everyone on their toes because no one knows who’s going to get their name drawn out each time. Therefore it helps build suspense by encouraging everyone to sell out of their brochure so they’ll prepare themselves to possible win. This is a great way to leverage your money because you’re getting all of your sellers’ attention with little, or possibly even no expense. Here's how it works:

1. Designate 3 Separate Drawing Days

  • 1st Drawing: The day after your kickoff.
  • 2nd Drawing: Halfway point of your sale.
  • 3rd Drawing: The day that orders and money are due.

2. Set a Goal for Each Drawing Day

  • For example, if you want each student to sell 10 items total, your 1st drawing goal might be to sell 3 items, your 2nd drawing goal 7 items, and your 3rd drawing goal would be 10 items. These numbers will vary depending on your total item goal. The idea is to help your students work towards their end goal.
  • Tell your students at your kickoff that on each drawing day you'll pick one name out of a hat. If that person has reached the goal and can prove it, they win $20. To qualify, they must show you their order form as well as be able to show you all, or most of the money for their orders.
  • If the person whose name is drawn out wins the 1st drawing then the 2nd drawing at the halfway point of the sale will also be for $20. You can always have various students draw out the names.
  • What makes the money game interesting for your sellers is if someone whose name is drawn out doesn’t win, then that money rolls over to the next drawing. This sends a powerful message to everyone to be ready for the next drawing because the cash reward has just doubled.
  • Finally, the 3rd drawing will either be for $20, $40 or $60 depending on what happened on the previous 2 drawing days.

3. Remind Sellers about the Drawings

  • Remind your students daily about the money game with special reminders the day before each drawing.
  • Also remind them that to have a chance to win they must have their order forms and money envelopes on hand.

Helpful Tips:

  • Students must be present to win. If a student's name is drawn out and they're absent, draw out another name.
  • If the student is able to turn in money for orders taken then they win the money on the spot.
  • Only draw out 1 name for each drawing. If no one qualifies then no one wins and you don’t give any money away. Don't feel bad because you've met your end of the deal.
  • You can also reward sellers who are able to sell over each daily goal by putting their name in the hat multiple times. For example, have students raise their hands if they've sold twice as much as the goal and put their name in 2 times, and so on. Remember, if their name is drawn out, they still have to prove that they've actually sold that amount. If you do this, make sure to let them know about it from the beginning.
  • You can always substitute gift cards in place of cash if necessary.

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I enjoyed participating in this fundraising event; least effort we have had to put forth.

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The overall service that we received from Big Fundraising Ideas was exceptional! They were very helpful and organized. The fundraiser kickoff and incentives really motivated the students to sell!

Jane Trevino
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Everything ran smoothly with Big Fundraising Ideas. Step by step instructions were great. Thank you!

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The School Fundraising Guidebook provided by Big Fundraising Ideas is a life saver. As a full-time school district employee with many hats to wear, this guide’s efficiency helps our fundraising run on its own. The guide includes everything needed for a successful fundraiser. I enjoy the convenience of pulling out pre-made forms; making copies and sending them home with the students. It is an easy to follow, self explanatory manual that makes fundraising the successful task I didn’t mind taking on. This guide takes you that extra mile to meet your organizations needs, with little effort by following the time-line and instructions included. Many thanks to those who created this time saving guide which helps us achieve our goals.

Betty Hinkle
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The fundraiser went extremely well. From my perspective I had very little leg work to do. Collecting and mailing was all and when the product arrived it was very well organized into the individual classes. I think it went very well and will look forward to running it again next year.

Ginny Johnson
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My experience with your company was more than satisfactory. I have worked with vendors in the past and have never had such a smooth experience.

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The overall service that we received from Big Fundraising Ideas was very good. Product quality was also very good while the prize incentives were excellent. Big Fundraising Ideas was very good and I will recommend them to others. Great job!

Misty Brannan
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The overall service that we received from Big Fundraising Ideas was exceptional. Easy and profitable!

Lanaie Morgan
Alder School

Big Fundraising Ideas provided us with exceptional service. Product quality was first-rate and the sales incentives were excellent! We ended up selling more this spring than last fall – excellent for us!

Ruben De La Rosa
Assistant Principal
Lyford Elementary

Big Fundraising Ideas is wonderful to work with. They are always available to help me and fix any problem the day I call.

Valerie Layton
PTO President
Sinton Elementary

The delivery and distribution of products was quick and easy! The entire fundraising process was extremely organized! Quick response to all questions! Kick-off was a blast! The kids were so excited!

Kari Smith
PTA President
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The overall service that we received from Big Fundraising Ideas was very good and we will recommend them to others who might need a fundraiser.

Adan Ramirez
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We have worked with Big Fundraising Ideas for 5 years now and are completely pleased with their service. I would recommend them to everyone!

Rey Escalante
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The overall service that we received from Big Fundraising Ideas was excellent!

Elena Pena
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Price Elementary

For this being my first time ever doing this, Big Fundraising Ideas made the fundraising process extremely easy! They were always available to address any concerns that we had. The product quality was also great. Our sales actually doubled from previous years as we brought in more money than ever before! We are definitely interested in working with them again next year!

Chelsi Persellin
PTA Fundraising Coordinator
Webb Elementary