Super Student VIP Card Fundraiser Incentive

How to motivate good sellers to raise more

Reward your students who sell 25 or more items with a Super Student VIP Card fundraiser Incentive. Students who qualify receive a VIP card with 5 special school-related privileges on the back.

These motivators can be both exciting and educational. We recommend setting aside a ‘Super Student VIP Day’ where only your card holders get to exercise their privileges for an entire school day. You can repeat the privilege periodically once a month for the semester or even for an entire school year. You choose the times that work best for your school. And the bigger deal you make out of this, the larger the impact it will have on future sales.

How it Works

  • Complete and submit the Super Student VIP Card Form.
  • Announce and promote the card before and during your sale.
  • Once your group’s orders have been entered into our system, we'll send you the correct number of cards for those students who qualify.
  • Select your VIP days and make sure your students bring their cards.

Special Privilege Suggestions

Here are some ideas that you can use for the back of your card. You can also come up with your own personalized incentives.

  • ‘Line Leader’ for the Day.
  • ‘Classroom Leader’ for the Day.
  • ‘Office Monitor’ for the Day.
  • ‘Principal for a Day'.
  • ‘Door Monitor’ for the Day.
  • ‘Breakfast or Lunch with the Principal’ or a favorite teacher.
  • ‘Free Dress Day’ Pass.
  • ‘Extra Recess Time’ Pass.
  • ‘No Homework for a Day’ Pass.
  • Help with Daily Announcements.
  • ‘Sit Where You Want’ Pass.
  • Free Library Pass.
  • 1 Free Snack (School’s choice).

The Super Student VIP Card Incentive can become a yearly tradition. If promoted and carried out well, your list of students who qualify will grow over time.

Please Note: Any cost incurred for privileges are the responsibility of the school or group.

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