School Fundraising Supply Timeline

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Ensuring your students have the tools they need to succeed is critical if you expect to achieve your ultimate goal - actually do the things your organization was intended for because you now have the money.

Knowing what supplies to expect, and when, will help you plan for your success.

There are 5 things each student needs before they can start:

  1. Parent Info Letter
  2. Sales Brochure
  3. Order Form
  4. Prize Flyer
  5. Money Collection Envelope

You should plan to receive your fundraising supplies at least 1-2 days prior to your kickoff meeting with your students.

Under 100 Sellers

If your group has less than 100 sellers, you’ll need to allow us at least 7-10 business days to process your order. If you need your supplies sooner, we can expedite your order for a $25 rush fee. However, we must receive your signed agreement first. This charge would be added to your invoice. We’ll send you the following by mail in bulk:

  1. Brochures
  2. Order Forms
  3. Prize Flyers (If using a traditional prize program) *
  4. Money Collection Envelopes (Not provided by all suppliers)

*If using a sportswear or cash prize program, we’ll attach the prize flyer along with your parent letter PDF when we email you your fundraiser supply kit.

100 or More Sellers

For school-wide groups of 100 students or more, we’ll collate and pack your supplies by student. To do this, we need a minimum of 10 business days from the date that we receive your signed agreement to process your order. This does not include ship time which is dependent on your location from our warehouse.

If you need to receive your packets sooner, we can ship your collated order within 7 business days for a $75 rush fee. This fee would be added to your invoice.

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