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Middle School Fundraising Ideas That Motivate Students to Sell

By Clay Boggess on Oct 25, 2013
Middle School Fundraising Ideas That Motivate Students to Sell

How to get middle school students on board

It’s true that middle school students are going through lots of changes. One such change is how they view fundraisers. As younger students, they were excited about winning prizes in exchange for selling items. They never questioned the idea of selling; they just went out and sold.

So how do you get your students to commit? Finding middle school fundraising ideas that work is now much more challenging because they’re dealing with things like increased school activities, peer influence, social and physiological changes.

Let’s face it; selling is no longer fun for many of these students. You must therefore employ a different strategy when attempting to encourage them to participate.

Here are some things to think about as you plan your next sale:

Find a Unique Brochure to Sell

Depending on your group, you may try involving them in the brochure selection process. For example, a choir group may be interested in a peanut-free candy bar fundraiser. Many groups complain about having to compete against the elementary schools who are selling the large shoppers. So why not offer something different? Many students favor selling lower priced items like lollipops, or perhaps you can offer something with a little nutritional value like a popcorn fundraiser. Middle school students enjoy selling these types of products because they can also offer them to their peers.

Use Middle School Fundraising Prizes

The elementary school prize programs no longer inspire students to sell as they get older. Therefore motivate them with a middle school level prize program. Some alternative age appropriate prize programs to consider are:

Incorporate Additional Fundraising Motivators

Successful middle school fundraiser ideas work because they make students want to participate. Therefore make sure and employ additional incentives that will make them want to get out and sell. Here are some ideas:

  • Top seller (this could also be the top seller after the 1st day to get your sale started)
  • Prize drawing coupons (can tie to special privileges like free dress day, no homework pass etc.)
  • Money Game
  • Jump for George
  • Mystery Person

Older students can succeed at selling. The approach that’s used to get them to participate may just have to be different.

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