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Take Middle School Fundraising to Another Level

By Clay Boggess on Jan 5, 2012
Take Middle School Fundraising to Another Level

Practical ways to make middle school sales better

Many middle school fundraising groups need money to carry out their objectives, but students aren't always prepared to sell. Among other things, to be successful at raising money they must have clearly defined sales goals and expectations.

Motivation is yet another important factor that must be considered. Middle school students aren’t as easily influenced by the prize program as their younger siblings are. Therefore additional strategies should be considered.

Many middle school sponsors achieve greater results because they incorporate fun and competition into their sale. Here are some team-building concepts that can help:

1. Incorporate Separate Fundraising Teams

Regardless of the size of your group, you're better off dividing your sellers into teams. This promotes teamwork and encourages peer accountability. Some sponsors even require students to assign team names to further foster team unity. Individual teams are encouraged to meet at various times throughout the sale to discuss what each seller has sold.

2. Appoint Strong Team Leaders

Sponsors should know who their stronger leaders are and pick them to be team leaders. We recommend already having these people picked out before your kickoff. Your leaders should also be your stronger sellers. Picking stronger sellers to be your team leaders will rub off on their teammates and hopefully influence additional selling.

3. Have Teams Compete for Most Sales

The main reason for dividing your group up is to encourage team competition. Students enjoy competing against one another even if the motivation is simply to sell more than their peers. You can potentially raise even more money by offering additional incentives. For example, you can offer a special privilege to the team that sells the most after the first day.

By making your sale fun and engaging, you're helping to encourage more sales which should be the primary objective anyway.

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