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How to Build a Strong Booster Club

By Clay Boggess on Jan 17, 2014
How to Build a Strong Booster Club

How to form a booster club the right way

Many organizations thrive because they’re supported by a strong booster club that works tirelessly behind the scenes. Without them, the group’s ability to function would be greatly compromised due to already limited budgets.

Because of time constraints experienced by many organizational heads like coaches and band directors, booster clubs are able to step in to plan and run the fundraising events.

The more effective the booster club, the more valuable they can become to their organization. If you're looking at forming a booster club, here are some key things that you'll want to take into consideration.

Recruit Like-minded Volunteers

For any group to function properly, it’s important to recruit board members with like-minded goals and objectives. Members should have the groups’ best interest in mind and be able to put others before themselves. Everyone must be able to work together towards achieving common goals. Differences should be set aside and anyone with ulterior motives can prove detrimental.

Establish Board Member Roles

Once you’re members are in place, you will need to decide who’s going to do what. Specific board member titles and job descriptions will need to be established and assigned. Assigning roles should be based on ability and interest.

Establish the Booster Club’s Purpose

What specific things do you want to accomplish? Have you meet with the organization head to discuss what their needs are? How much money is it going to take to achieve your objectives? The next step is to decide how you plan to raise the money.

Sell the Mission to your Parents

Unless you get the word out about what your role is, people won’t see the value in what you’re trying to accomplish. You’ll want to share your purpose and goals with everyone that’s associated with the group, and this includes the end beneficiaries, the students. In other words, why is raising money for a new trailer important and how do you plan to raise the money?

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