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$1 Chocolatiers Candy Bars

Chocolatiers Candy Bar Fundraiser wwc-94001
$1 Chocolatiers Candy Bars

$1 Chocolatiers candy bars are certified peanut-free, gluten-free and kosher. Flavors include Creamy Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Crispy Rice, and Milk Chocolate Almond. Make up to 50% profit.

Nutrition facts available upon request.

Case Pricing

Cases Cost/Case Profit Profit/Case
1-19 $144 40% $96
20-39 $132 45% $108
40-74 $126 48% $114
75+ $120 50% $120

Product Details

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What Our Customers Say


Ordering was easy. The product arrived quickly.

Candace Tschappat - Sponsor
Alwood Elementary School

The company and people we worked with were so easy to get a hold of, answer any and ALL questions, and were very nice.

Lisa Decker - Business Manager
LaSalle-Peru Christian School

The candy bars were said to have good flavor. Some said they are smaller than competing bars.

Candace Tschappat - Sponsor
Alwood Elementary School

Loved the candy!

Teresa Myers - Youth Director
Friendship Independent Church

The candy bars were very easy to sell. We did order an extra case, but definitely could have ordered more!

Lisa Decker - Business Manager
LaSalle-Peru Christian School

Worked great! Candy sold fast!

Teresa Myers - Youth Director
Friendship Independent Church
Questions about $1 Chocolatiers?

How it Works

How do we raise money?

Your group profits when your participants sell $1 Chocolatiers candy bars to their friends and family.

How do we pay?

Since product is ordered up front, you have the following payment options:

  • Purchase order: If you’re a public school, you can order $1 Chocolatiers without having to pay up front. A purchase order is a legally binding document between us and your group. Payment is due within 15 days of receipt of product. This gives you time to collect enough money to pay your bill. You then keep the rest as profit. Go to purchase order form
  • Credit card: Use our secure checkout process to pay for your product up front. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. Select our 'Add to cart' button at the top of the page to get started.
  • Check: Mail in your payment. Your product will ship once your check clears. We accept a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check. Submit our payment form and we’ll email you an invoice along with our mailing address.

Order $1 Chocolatiers at a discounted price and then sell them at full retail. The difference is your profit.

Do you offer pricing discounts?

Yes we offer volume discounts. For more information see our 'Case Pricing' table at the top of the page.

How soon can we start?

$1 Chocolatiers orders deliver within 3-7 business days.

How long is the fundraiser?

We recommend giving your sellers 1 week to sell their product allocation and turn in the money.

TIP: To ensure timely and accurate money turn-in, use a tracking sheet.

How much should I order?

The size of your order depends on the number of participants in your group and how many items you want them to sell. Since $1 Chocolatiers orders ship 4 inner carriers to the case, consider issuing 1 carrier to each seller.

To determine how many cases to order, divide the number of participants in your group by 4. Round up to the next case number if needed.

You can also use our ‘Profit Calculator’ at the top of the page.

Do you take back unsold product?

We do not accept returns. Our goal is to maintain the same high level of product freshness for every customer. The USDA also has very strict guidelines that we must adhere to.

TIP: Consider issuing unsold candy bars to participants who volunteer to sell them in exchange for a portion of the profit.

Can participants earn prizes?

We don’t offer any prize programs with our $1 Chocolatiers candy bar fundraiser.

Product Information

How much do they sell for?

We suggest selling our candy bars for $1.00 each.

How many units per case?

240. Each case contains 4 inner carriers of 60.

What size are the candy bars?

1.5 oz each.

How long do they stay fresh?

Unopened, candy bars have a 18 month shelf life.

Why peanut-free candy bars?

Unfortunately, peanut and nut allergies are common. Severe allergic reactions and the potential life-threatening risks are all too common. In response, school districts across the country are starting to enforce peanut-free policies.

Those who are allergic should avoid foods containing peanut and peanut byproducts. This includes anything with a warning that it “may contain” or “may contain traces of” peanut. Only products manufactured in a peanut-free facility can carry a “peanut free” label.

Making Sales

Is there a minimum order?

There is a 1 case minimum order requirement.

How much money can we make?

Estimating your profit is easy. Consider the following example.

A sponsor with 27 participants wants everyone to sell 1 inner carrier each (60 units):

27 participants x 1 carrier / participant = 27 carriers

27 carriers x 60 units / carrier = 1,620 units

1,620 units x $1.00 / unit = $1,620.00 gross sales

$1,620.00 x 40% profit = $648.00 profit

The profit would be 40% because you would need to order 7 cases (Volume discounts apply):

27 participants x 1 carrier / participant = 27 carriers

27 carriers ÷ 4 carriers / case = 6.75 cases (Round up)

QUICK TIP: Enter your group size and participant goal into our ‘Profit Calculator’ located in the top right sidebar.


How soon do we receive our order?

3-7 business days.

Where do orders ship to?

$1 Chocolatiers ship out of various warehouses around the country to all lower 48 states.

How is our order packed?

Orders ship by the case.

Is there a shipping fee?

All orders ship for free. You also receive free shipping on any reorders.


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