Group Fundraiser Checklist

How to prepare your order for processing

Your students have turned in their order forms and money envelopes so you’ve just completed your fundraiser. You may be wondering what to do next. How well you send your order forms into us for processing may ultimately end up making things easier for you once you receive your merchandise at delivery.

The old computer adage definitely applies here that says, ‘garbage in, garbage out’. In other words, we can only process what you send us and the way that it’s sent. The more organized you are, the better we can be for you on our end.

So take the time to review our group fundraiser checklist to make sure that your order forms are prepared properly before you send them in.

1. Order Form Preparation

Inspect the order forms for the following:

  • Student’s first and last name
  • Teacher’s name
  • Legible handwriting

Prepare your order forms for mailing by:

  • Ensuring that you have a copy of each order form for your records.
  • Stapling together the order forms for sellers who have 2 or more pages.
  • Mailing the top copy of each order form.

 If you have more than one class or team, separate accordingly and use a paperclip to hold the order forms together. Then place a sticky note on the top and label by class or team name.

2. Delivery Information

  • You'll receive advanced notification about your delivery date.
  • If you have a question about your delivery please contact us.
  • Subsequent orders may be charged an additional shipping fee.

3. Making Payment

  • Payment is due within 5 days of receipt of product.
  • A finance charge will be incurred at 1½% per month for late payment.

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