Is Only Selling Cookie Dough Enough?

Many schools believe that to have a successful fundraiser you have to offer a lot of choices. This is one reason the majority of groups choose the large variety brochures. In some ways, the mentality is, “if you throw enough up against the wall, some of it’s bound to stick”. It's considered a safer bet because you hope to appeal to more people.

Then why does selling cookie dough work so well for some groups? After all, you’re only offering one type of item, which means that you risk some people saying yes, but others saying no.

But isn’t that always the case, regardless of what you’re selling? Here are some reasons why offering cookie dough alone is enough for many groups:

Selling Cookie Dough is like Offering Chocolate

Cookie dough has been around for years and people don’t seem to get tired of it. As long as there’s room in the refrigerator, we’ll buy it. Chocolate is universally loved by millions and probably always will be. Cookie dough is no different. People are familiar with the product and usually know what they’re getting.

Have Your Cookies & Eat Them Too

It seems that everyone is selling the big brochures. When approached by a grade school student, we assume they’re probably selling wrapping paper or gift items. Cookie dough offers the same familiarity that people look for, but it’s not being sold by every organization on the planet. It’s unique enough to still get your attention.

Great for Smaller High School Groups

Since elementary schools are selling more of the large seasonal shoppers, we recommend high school groups that are looking for an alternative to try cookie dough. It’s easier to manage the delivery because older students are able to help with the distribution of the orders.

Selling cookie dough can meet both objectives. Even though it’s not being offered by every group, it’s familiar enough to a potential buyer.

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