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Fundraising Ideas: 3 Free Ways to Improve School Sales

Great fundraising ideas for tight budgets

By adding our school fundraiser ideas to your basic prize program, you’ll make more sales and increase your profit. And you don’t have to spend money on big prizes just to get your students attention either.

In most cases, the basic prize program provided by the fundraising company is not enough if you want better results. To increase participation and maximize sales, you should complement it with additional fundraiser ideas.

Your ideas should inspire your students to show their brochure to as many friends and family as possible. To achieve this, you’ll need to understand what types of incentives will best motivate your group to sell. If you’re able to offer extravagant top seller prizes, that’s fine, but having additional money in your budget is not essential as long as you’re creative and willing to invest a little time and energy. What follows are 3 easy school fundraising ideas that have been proven to increase brochure sales. And the great thing is these incentives are free.

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1. Start with the Right Prize Program

Does your company even offer a complementary prize program? To begin with, not all prize programs are alike. So don’t offer the same prize program to a high school group that you would to elementary students. Most companies that offer a reward program only offer one type. Yet older students tend to work harder for incentives like cash or even customized school spirit wear, whereas younger students usually prefer prizes.

2. Incorporate Fundraising Privileges

If you’re creative, you can utilize resources that you already have access to through your school. There are even ways to improve fundraiser sales without spending any money. One great way to do this is by having a periodic prize drawing during your sale. For example, for every 5 items sold, elementary students can turn in a coupon for a chance to:

  • be the line leader for a day
  • get a no homework pass
  • help with the morning announcements

Middle school students can earn a pass to a school DJ party if they sell 10 or more items, while students on a high school sports team who reach a certain goal won’t have to put away equipment that day.

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3. Promote Your Fundraiser Daily

This sounds obvious, but it’s really not. You’d be amazed at the number of sponsors who don’t bother to talk about the sale until it’s time to collect the order forms. They may be leaving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table.

Instead, make sure to regularly discuss the importance of things like setting daily goals and having them ask their parents to take the brochure to work. And plan to have something new to talk to your students about each day.

You can promote your school fundraiser during morning announcements, post signs around the school and send reminder notices home to parents. And don’t be ordinary; rather find ways to be creative by including things like periodic prize drawings or even using video promotions. See program ideas for:

You can add significantly more money to your bottom line if you just spend a little time each day promoting your program. Incorporating these fundraising ideas may just be the difference between doing one sale to meet your financial goals, and having to plan a second.

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