Our Motivational School Fundraiser Video

Successful fundraising is just a click away

One of the benefits of choosing Big Fundraising Ideas is that you get to show our professionally-designed video throughout your sale to help create initial excitement and then keep your students motivated to sell to the very end.

The kickoff portion will create the momentum that you’ll need by encouraging your students to get out and sell. It will also provide them with important instructions about your sale and what can be found inside their information packets.

And by showing your promotional video on a periodic basis throughout your fundraiser, you’ll help keep it going strong to the finish. So let our DVD do the work for you! Here are the features and benefits that you get by using our school fundraiser video.

What Each Video DVD Includes 

Each DVD has a menu that you can select from that can be used at different stages of your fundraiser:

  • Kickoff Introduction which includes easy to understand step-by-step instructions for your sellers.
  • Motivational Incentive which will get your sellers really excited about selling and raising money for your group.
  • Fundraiser Sales Goal that can be easily achieved to gain admission to the event, plus additional incentives to help students exceed their sales goal.
  • Periodic Sales Reminder Videos to remind your sellers to keep on selling.
  • Event Promo Video to motivate your sellers throughout the sale.

The Video Offers Flexibility and Convenience

Every school has its own unique logistical challenges that need to be solved. This is where a DVD can help:

  • If you're not able to have everyone together for a kickoff assembly, your students can watch it:
    • During school announcements from their classrooms.
    • During their P.E. classes.
  • You can keep showing the promo and reminder videos throughout your sale to keep your sellers motivated.
  • You can promote your fundraiser to your parents by showing them the promotional video at a parent meeting.
  • You don’t have come up with what to say at your kickoff… we say it all for you in the video.

We Offer 6 Different DVD Programs

The prize program you choose determines the DVD you'll receive.

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