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Why Sportswear Helps High School Sports Fundraising

By Clay Boggess on Oct 15, 2013
Why Sportswear Helps High School Sports Fundraising

What sportswear incentives can do for your high school sale

Most prize programs that fundraiser companies offer are geared towards younger students. This makes sense because these students make up the vast majority of brochure sales. The prizes are usually of lower quality which doesn’t matter as much to younger students.

Unfortunately high school students are more particular than their younger peers. What makes it worse is there aren’t many viable options that are appealing to high school students who probably won’t settle for traditional prizes. So if you're looking for sports fundraising ideas you'll need to think outside the box a little.

Sportswear prize programs have been proven to be effective at motivating older students to sell out of their brochure. High school sports fundraising has done particularly well using sportswear prize incentives. Here are 3 reasons why you may want to consider it as well for your group:

1. High School Students Want Quality Prizes

Sponsors need to understand that most high school students don’t pay attention to a prize program unless it’s something that’s truly unique. Unless they have another reason to sell they just won’t put in the effort. If high schools students are going to work for a fundraiser they want quality as well as items they can relate to.

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2. Sports Teams Already Need Sportswear

Sports teams already use sportswear as a part of their regular activities. In addition to regular game uniforms, they need practice gear, travel uniforms and equipment bags. Earning customized garments with their team name and school colors are something players can identify with. Sponsors like it because they have a chance to get useful sportswear items for their players without having to pay for it.

3. Sportswear Helps Set Fundraising Goals

Sportswear serves 2 main purposes:

  1. Motivates students to reach their fundraising goals
  2. Builds team spirit and unity

Sponsors can leverage sportswear to help everyone reach their sales goal by telling their group that everyone needs to sell enough to earn a specific garment from the prize brochure. So for example, a sponsor can decide that red polo shirts need to be worn whenever the team travels out of town. Therefore everyone will need to sell enough to earn that particular item. Players want to look like they belong to a team so they will work harder to reach their goal.

Like anything else however, even the best sportswear prize program is only going to be as effective as the sponsor is at promoting and enforcing the goal. If students understand that they are expected to sell then they probably will. Unfortunately the opposite is also true.

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