Fundraiser Goal Setting Guide

How to set achievable seller goals

Why should you have a Fundraiser Goal? Believe it or not, most groups simply hand out their sales materials and hope for the best.

On the other hand, setting a benchmark for your students is important because it lets your sellers know what’s expected of them and it gives them something to aim for.

Setting a student sales goal also allows you to track their progress as it relates to the goal. This helps keep them accountable.

How do you set your student goal? First, define how much money your group needs to raise. Then, determine how many members you have in your group and decide how many items each member needs to sell. To set your sales goal, you can either use the following chart or do the math.

1. Use the Chart:

If you have a money goal already you can simply determine the item goal based on the size of your group. Or, you can set your money goal based on the number of sellers and how much you want them to sell.

# of Sellers
5 Items/Seller10 Items/Seller15 Items/Seller20 Items/Seller25 Items/Seller
Based on $6 profit/item sold  

2. Do the Math:

First, divide your group's financial goal by your number of students. This determines how much money each member needs to raise. For example, if you need to raise $1,300 and you have 14 members, each member will need to raise about $93.

Second, determine how many items each student needs to sell. Each brochure item makes about $6 profit, so to reach their $93 goal, divide $93 by $6. Therefore each member would need to sell about 16 items.

How to Reach Your Fundraising Goal

Once you know how much each member needs to sell, incorporate additional fundraising incentives to help them reach, and even exceed their goal.

Additional Tip
You can also use the chart to estimate your potential earnings. Multiply the number of members by the number of items you think they can sell. For example, if you have 50 members and think each member can sell 10 items instead of 5, you will potentially bring in an additional $1,500.

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