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3 Tips for School Sports Fundraising

By Clay Boggess on Apr 25, 2018
3 Tips for School Sports Fundraising

Plan a sports team fundraiser and reach goals on and off the field.

School fundraisers are best known for bridging the gaps in academic funding, but they’re also important in helping extracurricular events—like high school sports team activities—realize their financial goals.

Because sports teams often bring schools and classes together, they can be highly effective fundraising groups by leveraging their ability to foster spirit and unity.

If your school is looking for sports fundraising ideas, consider these tips if you want to hit a home run and reach your goals.

Incorporate School Fundraising Spirit

School fundraisers full of school spirit can foster the engagement that drives participation and increases your fundraising profits. To ensure spirit is a part of your sports team fundraiser from start to finish, consider a customizable fundraising product, like a discount card or custom mug.

These fundraisers allow you to choose colors and provide your logos to create a unique product that lets everyone know you have school pride. For example, if your school is the Sandalwood Saints, you can sell customized travel tumblers with a yellow fleur-de-lis. Students and parents can tote these handy cups around to show their support for their school’s sports team.

Custom fundraising products also help your team feel your support after a fundraiser ends. Nothing inspires a home run or a touchdown like seeing a sea of your school colors in class every day! For some added enthusiasm, consider having the sports team coach announce the fundraiser at the next pep rally and have your players ready to sell during homecoming week each fall. School spirit is at an all-time high during these fundraising events, and custom fundraising products will sell easily.

Fundraise at School Sports Events

Successful school fundraisers choose smart times to sell their fundraising products. When hosting a school sports team fundraiser, what better time to sell than during a game?

If you’re fundraising for a baseball team, consider a product, like pretzel rods or beef jerky, that is individually wrapped or packaged. You can easily set up a table or work with your school’s concessions team to sell these products during sports games for the duration of your fundraiser. Parents will love the chance to support their child’s team while the game is in action, and delicious treats will be appreciated as snacks when the sixth inning rolls around.

Choose Spirited Prizes

Complete your school sports fundraiser with a prize program that keeps the spirit alive all year. Our Wear Your Spirit and Show Your Spirit prize programs are an excellent fit for sports teams since sponsors can choose colors and have items custom embroidered with team or school names.

Parents and players will love wearing polos to sports team dinners or hooded sweatshirts to chilly fall games. Student players will appreciate having an additional customized gym bag once two-a-day or spring training starts. Representing your team after the fundraiser will commemorate a special level of support for your team’s goals to reach the state championship or get new gear.

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Clay Boggess has been designing fundraising programs for schools and various nonprofit organizations throughout the US since 1999. He’s helped administrators, teachers, and outside support entities such as PTAs and PTOs raise millions of dollars. Clay is an owner and partner at Big Fundraising Ideas.

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