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How to Make Free Fundraising Money

By Clay Boggess on Apr 25, 2013
How to Make Free Fundraising Money

Tips on how to raise more money without spending it

Most people understand that sacrifice is necessary to get something in return. For example, to get better at a particular sport you must practice.

To do well in school you need to be disciplined at studying, and to make more money you must first invest what you have. If you create a good plan up front and then execute it, your hard work should pay off in the end.

Fundraisers are no different. If you’re smart and know how to take advantage of the many hidden opportunities that others may not see, you’ll have the edge.

Here's how you can generate free fundraising money.

Get a Good Return on your Prizes

Successful sponsors are willing to spend money on top seller prizes, grand prize drawings or even a limo ride. They understand that their return will be greater than the money they're initially spending. Because they understand what motivates their students and that these types of investments work.

Promote Your Fundraiser Daily

These investments can generate even more money if sponsors properly promote them during their sale. Reminding students to sell during the sale through announcements and incorporating periodic prize drawings will help bring in additional dollars. Schools that incorporate an effective and ongoing promotional strategy will bring in more sales than those who don’t.

Offer No-Cost Incentives

It's possible to offer no-cost incentives that will motivate your students to sell more without spending any money on your end. There are creative things you can do as long as you are willing to invest your time.

Have an Effective Fundraising Kickoff

Schools that take the time to prepare to have an effective kickoff are establishing a strong foundation for a strong sale. They realize that their kickoff is where they need to sell their cause to the students as well as establish needed sales momentum.

If you choose to invest money into your campaign, make sure you’ve done your homework to ensure a good return. If you instead plan to look for ways to increase sales without spending extra money, you'll still need to invest your time. Investing your time can be priceless.

For an additional resource on planning ideas for your next campaign, download our free fundraising tips eBook from our school fundraising tips page.

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